विकिपीडिया:अनुवाद अनुरोध

मुक्त ज्ञानकोश विकिपीडिया से
यहाँ जाएँ: भ्रमण, खोज

Dear friends

My name is Narmada Prasad Chauhan and I am a resident of village Ziri, where all the people speak in Sanskrit and here is a special feature of this village that all the people from young to old can speak well in Sanskrit. Rather, the Sanskrit school has been opened in this village.

Today, 13 years ago, a woman from Chhattisgarh who is named Vimla Panna and a person coming from Katni district of Madhya Pradesh is Bala Prasad Tiwari who, along with her relentless efforts, made this village a Sanskrit village from a selfish village. What is found in this village today is something that is going away. Earlier, alcohol and meat were consumed in every house in this village. This village got a new look, which is today known as Sanskrit Village Ziri, by Shri Bala Prasad Tiwari Ji and Smt. Vimala Panna.

But now that the village has not been like this, the village has been in good progress for 5 to 7 years but due to some selfish people in this village, it is found in the lively soil and the officials who fall here are 13 years old Not visiting the village, but visiting the 7-year-old village here comes here.

Rajgarh As soon as the name of Rajgarh district came in the 115 backward districts of the country and to know the situation and to know about the situation here, when Director General of Skill Development Department RK Chaturvedi was given the responsibility, he got many details about Rajgarh district on Google. Of As soon as the Sanskrit village Ziri was mentioned during the Google search, Shri Chaturvedi reached Sanskrit Village Ziri after reaching Rajgad.

Here he talked to villagers and told to try to open Sanskrit school and college in the village. It is notable that after coming to backward backwardness on the basis of various points, efforts have been made to re-connect it with the mainstream of development. Taking this, a meeting of the Past Day Policy Commission was taken by Mr. Chaturvedi in the collectorate meeting room. After this, on Tuesday, he visited the Sanskrit village, Ziri to know the situation of the Sanskrit village and to see the situation of the people there.

Villagers demanded Sanskrit school and college for the village. They assured full effort on this. On this occasion, Uday Singh Chauhan, Lakshminarayan Chauhan, Narmada Prasad Chauhan, Ram Rana Chauhan, Ramnarayan Chauhan, Bhagwan Singh Patel, Meharabansinh, Gopal Vishwakarma, Yashwant Singh Chauhan, Meharban Acharya, Sultansinh Chauhan, Satyanarayan Bairagi, Rajesh Bairagi, Siddhanath Verma, Narayan Singh Verma and Sanjay Tomar Etc. were present.

The villagers speak of Sanskrit

After Chaturvedi reached the village, he saw that these people really speak Sanskrit and at what level they speak Sanskrit. With this, he himself talked to the villagers in Sanskrit. He also visited the village. While walking in the streets in the village, it is seen that what is written outside the houses is recorded in Sanskrit. Seeing this, he expressed his happiness and said that this can also be helpful in mobilizing the district from backwardness.

Ask villagers: Make libraries and prepare photo gallery

After the various demands of the villagers, Chaturvedi said that I will do my best, but you can also prepare a Sanskrit Bhavan, Library and Photo Gallery by taking support from where you can help from here on your level. You can put a photo of whoever comes here from here. Various Sanskrit books, books, books should also be collected so that people can come to see the village and its library etc.

The Commissioner had told about the Sanskrit village

The District Panchayat CEO, who reached Ziri with Mr. Chaturvedi, got the information about Ziri from the Sanskrit village of the district through Bhaval division's Commissioner Ajatshatru Shrivastav. He told that when I was about to come to Rajgad, Sir had told me during the discussion about Sanskrit village. It was said that there is also Sanskrit village in Rajgarh.

Therefore, in backward districts, Rajgarh

The main reason for joining 115 districts of the country and eight backward districts of Rajgarh district is mainly due to education, health and malnutrition. According to the information, lack of blood in women in the Rajgarh district, more of maternal mortality rate. Average height and weight in malnutrition is lower than the average of the country, most of the people are employed in the wages. The quality of education is not well There is lack of prime minister road in hundreds of villages and 49% of households do not have electricity connections. Thanks.