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विकिपीडिया:IPA for Nahuatl

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The charts below show the way in which the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) represents Nahuatl pronunciations in Wikipedia articles.

IPA Examples English equivalent
ʔ h the catch in oh-oh; sometimes h[1]
j y y
k ca, co, que, qui scan
cu, uc squeak
l l leave
ll will leave
ɬ l [2] play (or Welsh ‹ll›)
m m m
n n n
ŋ nc, nqu sink
p p span
s s, or za, zo, ce, ci sack
ʃ x, y [2] shoe
t t stand
tl at least[3]
ch choo
ts tz cats
w hu, uh w
ʍ hu, uh [2] which, hitch[1]
IPA Examples English equivalent
a a bra
ā (long a)
e e met
ē pay
i i sit
ī see
o o pole
ō (long o)
ˈ Primary stress on penultimate syllable (placed before the stressed syllable)
  1. In some dialects, /ʔ/ or [ʍ] or both are pronounced [h].
  2. Before all voiceless consonants: [p], [t], [], [ts], [], [s], [ʃ], [k], [kʷ], and at the ends of words
  3. [] is the Classical pronunciation of tl, retained in some modern dialects. In others, it has come to be pronounced [ɬ] or [t]