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(Template Editor)
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(AutoWikiBrowser Use)

Requests[संपादित करें]

Please add new requests at the bottom of this section.

Fluxbot[संपादित करें]

Please note, I am hi-0, however these edits are not to "content" only to markup। Fluxbot currently operates on many languages I do not use, including the multi-language incubator project। Xaosflux (वार्ता) 23:29, 14 जून 2018 (UTC)
Will need to be added to विकिपीडिया:AutoWikiBrowser/CheckPageXaosflux (वार्ता) 23:31, 14 जून 2018 (UTC)
Here are some example editsXaosflux (वार्ता) 23:40, 14 जून 2018 (UTC)
Some more examples: hereXaosflux (वार्ता) 16:12, 16 जून 2018 (UTC)
  • It would be useful as, to the best of my knowledge, no Bot/User is attempting to fix Lint Errors here on hi.wiki. Regards. --SM7--बातचीत-- 18:16, 16 जून 2018 (UTC)
As I have seen the edits of the bot on hiwiki as well on wiki, it looks like that bot is useful for us. Since there is no oppose, so I think you can ask at meta for the flag. We don't have local bureaucrat, you have to get it from meta.☆★संजीव कुमार (✉✉) 14:20, 18 जून 2018 (UTC)

Texvc2LaTeXBot[संपादित करें]

See w:en:WP:Bots/Requests_for_approval/Texvc2LaTeXBot, phab:T197925, mw:Extension:Math/Roadmap and phab:T195861 for a more detailed description of the bot and the associated migration project. Unfortunately we do not speak Hindi, it would be nice if we could get some help in translating the edit summary (is "mw:Extension:Math/Roadmapके अनुसार हटाए गए गणित वाक्यविन्यास को बदलें" properly translated?). Also feel free to join our commission to discuss the proposed improvements to the math extension। The total number of affected pages is less than 50 on hiwiki currently and should not become significantly larger.

Thanks, --Debenben (वार्ता) 14:20, 28 दिसम्बर 2018 (UTC)

DiBabelYurikBot[संपादित करें]

  • Bot: DiBabelYurikBot
  • Bot User: Yurik
  • Purpose: The bot makes it possible for many wikis to share templates and modules, and helps with the translations. See project page.
  • Automatic or Manually Assisted:
  • Software:
  • Already has bot flag on: ~many projects