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Population Matters[संपादित करें]

Hi, I saw that you had done edits on पारिस्थितिक पदचिह्न and wondered whether you could help. I've machine translated some of w:en:Population Matters and posted it at सदस्य:Gregkaye. English to Hindi seems REALLY difficult and, despite my efforts, I think it is a mess. If you have time I'd appreciate any possible help. Its a private interest of mine to get this into a few languages but this didn't seem to go well on my own. Cheers, Gregkaye (वार्ता) 18:40, 17 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)[उत्तर दें]

I've copy-pasted the "machine-text" on my sandbox. Will try to do something in the coming days. --मुज़म्मिल (वार्ता) 19:35, 17 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)[उत्तर दें]
I've created a basic skeleton of the article here. You may ask other editors you know to make further edits. --मुज़म्मिल (वार्ता) 09:52, 18 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)[उत्तर दें]
Wow! :) :) :)) That looks fantastic. Thanks also for creating the article. Overpopulation seems to me to be an issue that is under represented in Hindi. More will hopefully be done but this has been a very great help. Happy me. Gregkaye (वार्ता) 06:45, 19 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)[उत्तर दें]

policy voilation[संपादित करें]

Page जगदीश व्योम created by user Dr.jagdish, again a case en:Wikipedia:Conflict of interest, how many more such cases are there on hindi wikipedia...Sushilmishra (वार्ता) 13:02, 18 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)[उत्तर दें]

Kudos! You should be in a detective agency / vigilance dept. I've speedy-tagged this article as well. --मुज़म्मिल (वार्ता) 17:40, 18 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)[उत्तर दें]
nothing like that, its like very less happen on hindi wikipedia so 1 click on recent changes option can reveal a lot, you need to think logically what pages can be violating rules, common 1 are biographies.....so its simple you need to deduct...and result pops out....Sushilmishra (वार्ता) 17:53, 18 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)[उत्तर दें]

have a look[संपादित करें]

प्रशान्त पाण्डेय look at this page looks more like an ad, सावधान नीचे आग है what to make of this page? हिन्दी गौरव again looks like an ad?......what do you think?....Sushilmishra (वार्ता) 14:24, 19 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)[उत्तर दें]

I've speedy-tagged the three articles, although for different reasons. The writer of the third article has sent me an echo message thanking my edit.
Can you plz have a look @ रंगीला रसूल written by Anunad Singh? Plz note the line " इसमें पैगम्बर मुहम्मद के विवाह एवं सेक्स जीवन का रोचक ढंग से वर्णन किया गया है।" compare this with the original text in the English "...The controversial book concerned the marriages and sex life of Muhammad..." Is "रोचक ढंग से वर्णन किया गया है" the translation of "The controversial book"? Is it not a POV?
In the English version a an unreferenced controversial input is provided by an unidentified IP and is regretable. --मुज़म्मिल (वार्ता) 15:50, 19 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)[उत्तर दें]
about this user anunad i have presented many proofs to admin sanjeev that he is copying matter from some place as grammar of sentences appears strange this will be copyright violation but our admins are admins they ask you bring the source, come on man the grammar itself proofs it is a copy paste thing....but still admin are showing blind eye.....this user has created many controversy but admins are leaving him saying he is old user, hell if some is old can we allow them to break rules?.....1 by 1 have a look at each page that this user created or edited see how many wiki policy he is violating......and yes this page violates POV policy......try and talk to this user and see the result hahaha.....Sushilmishra (वार्ता) 16:28, 19 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)[उत्तर दें]
you posted messg on tht user's talk page in english, he might cry foul for that....haha....Sushilmishra (वार्ता) 16:42, 19 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)[उत्तर दें]

some discussion required[संपादित करें]

Recently a user created a page नेताजी at 10:24 20 July 2014 and redirected it to page सुभाष चन्द्र बोस, subhash chandra bose was called as netaji which was his title, but in present time mulayam singh yadav is also called as netaji popularly, so my question is wont this create confusion? And if you take wikipedia policy will it be fair to create a page based on just title?.....i propose this page should be made a disambiguation instead of redirect with names of both subhas chandra bose and mulayam singh added to it---example please see this page en:UCL.....Sushilmishra (वार्ता) 10:44, 20 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)[उत्तर दें]

 Yes check.svg  piyush made disambiguation for those page....Sushilmishra (वार्ता) 17:08, 20 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)[उत्तर दें]
and what crap is this खंडहर हुआ इंसान and भारतीय भाषा हिंदी और राजननीति(some users are transforming hindi wikipedia in passage, story and poems writing thing)?? More over user amt000 is back with his edit warring thing this time bugging page about mh17 which has been posted in news section, piyush has requested for protection of page in talk page of that page.....Sushilmishra (वार्ता) 12:37, 20 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)[उत्तर दें]
I've speedy-tagged खंडहर हुआ इंसान. As regards to भारतीय भाषा हिंदी और राजननीति, I've essay-tagged it as I presume it to be something like Language Policy in India: Hindi and Linguistic Politics, similar to some essays like Language Policy in India. Although I would not recommend Studymode.com as the best referenceable source, if a better, logical and referenced article is developed, it can well be part of hi:wp. --मुज़म्मिल (वार्ता) 18:06, 20 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)[उत्तर दें]

strange activity[संपादित करें]

Cityrajesultanpur, Prashantpking and ‎Rajesultanpur Ambedkarnagar look at the activity of this users....Sushilmishra (वार्ता) 15:53, 20 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)[उत्तर दें]

City-focused contributors. Like my upload on Commons. --मुज़म्मिल (वार्ता) 18:17, 20 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)[उत्तर दें]
these guys are making multiple pages about same city but different spellings, and posting same matter in each, i deleted tht matter and posted a redirect but they reverted it......Sushilmishra (वार्ता) 18:20, 20 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)[उत्तर दें]
@Siddhartha Ghai: जी, कृपया इस मामले को सुलझाइये। --मुज़म्मिल (वार्ता) 18:28, 20 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)[उत्तर दें]

subject is out of control[संपादित करें]

Wow sorry i cant control this matter now.....it is too big and murky......mala is guilty of foul play on other language wikipedia for which she should be banned on other wikipedias(i request you to inform concern admins about it and push them to initiate action)......but on hindi she is safe.....only a sockpuppet check can answer other questions on her......but facts say she is guilty of mass violation of wikipedia policy........more over i ask you to avoid any personal comment specially on females please......Sushilmishra (वार्ता) 19:42, 22 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)[उत्तर दें]

I dont pass comments. The pic I showed had Mala ji and Ravindra ji during the marriage of their daughter uploaded by Ravindraji on Facebook - a negation of Malaji's consistent claim of no personal relationship. Did you get my point? --मुज़म्मिल (वार्ता) 19:53, 22 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)[उत्तर दें]
i understood mate but ladies might think it as wrong and invasion on their privacy(both naziah and mala claim we are doing personal attack on them when none of us said anything wrong about any of the ladies, try to understand they are trying to play innocent victim role)......i have never denied that mala aunty is not related to ravindra prabhat.....my doubts were confirmed by seeing croatian wiki page of this ravindra prabhat.......funny thing is this guy ravindra prabhat have more pages than sachin tendulkar hahahaha.....i think chupal is right place to discuss about mala aunty because whole community can be taken into understanding and facts will be present in front of all........btw i request you to check once the activity of seems like another case of mass advertising..........Sushilmishra (वार्ता) 20:07, 22 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)[उत्तर दें]

विवाद[संपादित करें]

यह नाज़िया और माला जी का क्या विवाद है?कुछ समझ में नहीं आया।कृपया बताएँ।

स्वाति जी, संक्षिप्त में, श्री रवीन्द्र प्रभात जी हिन्दी और भोजपुरी के कवि हैं। एक सुनियोजित ढंग से उनकी पतनी माला जी, जो यहाँ प्रबंधक हैं, ने हिन्दी अथ्वा अन्य लगभग सभी भाषाओं में लेख लिख लिखवाए हैं। इस महाकार्य में नाज़िया जी ने उनकी सहायता की जो रवीन्द्र प्रभात जी पर Ph D कर रही हैं और उनके कविता संग्रह का उर्दू में अनुवाद कर रही हैं। मुख्य मुद्दा यहाँ Wikipedia के encyclopedia होने, advertising / promotion और conflict of interest का है। अधिक जानकारी आप चौपाल पर देख सकती हैं। --मुज़म्मिल (वार्ता) 16:26, 23 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)[उत्तर दें]