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This user is on self imposed ban from 10 August 2014 and will not answer any questions/queries....
Warning: any 1 posting any message about this user will be declared scum....
this user reserve the right to retaliate
this user is now offical on dark side of force-hence user is now-"DARTH WHALE"-


Tags[संपादित करें]

news[संपादित करें]

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inline tags[संपादित करें]

  • {{उद्धरण आवश्यक|date=सितंबर 2023}} --------- use when no inline citation ------ use it inline
  • {{Fact|date=सितंबर 2023}} --------- use when no inline citation ------ use it inline
  • {{Verify source|date=सितंबर 2023}} --------- use when no inline citation ------ use it inline

page tags[संपादित करें]

  • {{स्रोत हीन|date=सितंबर 2023}} --------- use when no references/sources/citations
  • {{स्रोत कम|date=सितंबर 2023}} --------- use when few reference/sources/citations
  • {{Unreferenced section|date=सितंबर 2023}} --------- use when no reference/sources/citations in sections
  • {{Original research}} --------- use when some 1 dump bulk matter with out source
  • {{प्रतिलिपि सम्पादन|date=सितंबर 2023}} --------- use for language or layout correction
  • {{No footnotes|date=सितंबर 2023}} --------- use when reference section is given but no inline citation given
  • {{One source|date=सितंबर 2023}} --------- only 1 source is given for a length page
  • {{Refimprove|date=सितंबर 2023}} --------- use when few references/sources/citations
  • {{Empty section|date=सितंबर 2023}} --------- use when section is empty
  • {{काम जारी}} --------- use when work in progress while creating new page
  • #REDIRECT [[Page name]] ----- redirect to page
  • #REDIRECT [[Page name#Section title]] ----- redirect to a section in a page