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[ &#x{{{1}}}; ] (एक्स्प्रेशन त्रुटि: अनपेक्षित उद्गार चिन्ह "["।)[1]

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Usage[संपादित करें]

This template produces a formatted description of a diacritic in the International Phonetic Alphabet, to be used in-line with regular text. It needs Unicode hexadecimal value and name as input, and it is based on {{unichar}}. For example

{{IPA diacritic description|0324|COMBINING DIAERESIS BELOW}}


[ ̤ ] (एक्स्प्रेशन त्रुटि: अनपेक्षित उद्गार चिन्ह "["।)[1]

By default, the template also produces an inline reference, named "IPAunicode". The target article should have a <references/> tag at the bottom for the reference to show up. By default, the reference superscript symbol immediately succeeds the right parenthesis. To add more text between the parenthesis and the reference symbol (i.e. to format the references according the MOS:REFPUNC), supply the text as the fourth argument to the template. If the text needs to begin with a space, use the &nbsp; :

{{IPA diacritic description|0324|COMBINING DIAERESIS BELOW|&nbsp;is used}}
[ ̤ ] (एक्स्प्रेशन त्रुटि: अनपेक्षित उद्गार चिन्ह "["।) is used.[1]

To suppress the default reference, add noref=1 as an argument. You can supply a reference of your own using standard <ref>...</ref> tags:

{{IPA diacritic description|0324|COMBINING DIAERESIS BELOW|noref=1}} produces
[ ̤ ] (एक्स्प्रेशन त्रुटि: अनपेक्षित उद्गार चिन्ह "["।)

References[संपादित करें]

  1. The International Phonetic Alphabet in Unicode, UCL Division of Psychology & Language Sciences

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