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बाल्टीमोर शहर
स्वतंत्र शहर
Downtown from Fayette Street
Downtown from Fayette Street
Flag of बाल्टीमोर शहर
Official seal of बाल्टीमोर शहर
उपनाम: Charm City,[1] Mob Town,[2] B-more,[1] The City of Firsts,[3] Monument City,[4][5] Ravenstown[6]
ध्येय: "The Greatest City in America",[1]
"Get in on it."[1]
Location of Baltimore in Maryland
Location of Baltimore in Maryland
CountryUnited States
समान नाम काCecilius Calvert, 2nd Baron Baltimore
 • प्रणालीIndependent City
 • MayorSheila Dixon (D)
 • Baltimore City Council
 • Houses of Delegates
 • State Senate
 • U.S. House
 • स्वतंत्र शहर[.07
 • थल80.8
 • जल11.27  12.2%
 • नगरीय3,104.46
जनसंख्या (2007)[8][9]
 • स्वतंत्र शहर6,36,919
 • घनत्व7,889.3
 • महानगर26,68,056
समय मण्डलEST (यूटीसी-5)
 • ग्रीष्मकालीन (दि॰ब॰स॰)EDT (यूटीसी-4)
ZIP Code21201–21231, 21233–21237, 21239–21241, 21244, 21250–21252, 21263–21265, 21268, 21270, 21273–21275, 21278–21290, 21297–21298
FIPS code24-04000
GNIS feature ID0597040

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