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policy voilation[संपादित करें]

हेमन्त शेष is this page with in policy of wikipedia? Author of page is same person on whom page is made, most edits are done by him only, page lacks references/cifation/inline citation, page appears to be against wikipedia policy of en:Wikipedia:Conflict of interest, en:Wikipedia:Biographies of living persons, en:Wikipedia:Citing sources and en:Wikipedia:Identifying reliable sources, page is simply a case of self boosting and self publication, what are the rules to deal with such pages?......Sushilmishra (वार्ता) 11:26, 15 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)

I've added speedy tag - lets see what Shri Hemant Shesh and Anunad Singh ji (also one of the editors) have say about it? --मुज़म्मिल (वार्ता) 14:50, 15 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)
सदस्य:सत्यम् मिश्र have just now informed on admin sanjeev's talk page that another page हेमंत शेष about same person exist...created on 08:08, 3 June 2011‎ by same user......Sushilmishra (वार्ता) 15:24, 15 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)
YesY पूर्ण हुआ for this one as well. --मुज़म्मिल (वार्ता) 17:19, 15 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)
mate you have added the tag but what about action can we expect some thing from admin or again excuses.....Sushilmishra (वार्ता) 17:22, 15 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)
Let us see. There can be counter-attack on our contribs v/s the person in q & many more things... --मुज़म्मिल (वार्ता) 17:30, 15 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)

Deleted the page.Hemant Shesh 02:16, 16 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)

another case of sock puppet[संपादित करें]

I would like to bring to your notice another case of sock puppet, have a look at edit history of this page आली मज्याडी, आदिबद्री तहसील, उत्तराखण्ड......crazy things are happening here now and admins are lacking guts to act....Sushilmishra (वार्ता) 17:35, 15 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)

From past several days I noticed one user continuously the article. Now a new userid is editing it. I presume that the user lost the password and is editing from a diff a/c. Not necessarily sock biz. For ex, aniruddhajnu and the name "aniruddha" in Hindi are the a/cs of the same person and were created precisely for the same reason. --मुज़म्मिल (वार्ता) 17:55, 15 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)
alrite but keep an eye on it....Sushilmishra (वार्ता) 18:18, 15 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)
Applies to both. More care is needed in the cases of seeking opinions as well as during voting for responsible positions. --मुज़म्मिल (वार्ता) 18:37, 15 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)
woo mate i never voted in any poll on wikipedia nor i seek any position(as i think i am ready yet), others have nominated me without my knowledge.....Sushilmishra (वार्ता) 19:25, 15 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)

स्वाति जी का सन्देश[संपादित करें]

धन्यवाद मुज़म्मिल जी, आशा है कि आप सबकी शुभ-कामनाओं से मैं जल्द ही आई.ए.एस. ऑफ़िसर बनूँगी और देश व जनता की निष्काम भाव से सेवा करूँगी।--स्वाति (वार्ता) 05:33, 16 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)

हेमंत शेष[संपादित करें]

नमस्ते मुजम्मिल जी, आपके द्वारा हेमंत शेष लेख को विकिपीडिया पर पृष्ठों को हटाने की नीति के अंतर्गत 'साफ़ प्रचार' श्रेणी में शीघ्र हटाने के लिये नामांकित किया गया है। प्रथम दृष्टि में तो यह लेख मुझे भी साफ प्रचार की श्रेणी में परिलक्षित हो रहा है, किन्तु इसका इतिहास काफी पुराना है। इसलिए यदि संभव हो तो शीह नामांकन का टैग हटाकर, लेख हटाने हेतु चर्चा करा लेना श्रेयस्कर होगा।--माला चौबेवार्ता 07:47, 16 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)

माला जी, आपके कहने के अनुसार मैं टॅग बदल चुका हूँ। --मुज़म्मिल (वार्ता) 14:57, 16 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)
@Hindustanilanguage: what craziness is going on with page हेमंत शेष, author removed whole material from page and also tag from it and he thinks page is deleted......what is this a joke?....Sushilmishra (वार्ता) 16:47, 16 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)
I undid the move. Let us hope that meaningful discussion takes place (to keep or not to keep the article) and then a decision is taken. --मुज़म्मिल (वार्ता) 17:17, 16 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)

suggestion required[संपादित करें]

If a person is banned on 1 wiki for breaking rule can we expect him to be following rules on other language wikipedia(because rules of wikipedia are same irrespective of language)?.....Sushilmishra (वार्ता) 10:43, 16 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)

हालांकि नैतिक रूप से आपकी बात सही है, पर ऐसी कई मिसालें हैं जहाँ ऐसा नहीं होता है। Russavia के सदस्य नाम से एक खाता अंग्रेज़ी विकिपीडिया पर अनिश्चित काल के लिए प्रतिबंधित है पर वही खाता कॉमन्स पर प्रबंधकीय अधिकार रखता है। --मुज़म्मिल (वार्ता) 14:49, 16 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)
i think commons is different with different set of rules, but language wikipedias are having same set of rules irrespective of languages, right?Sushilmishra (वार्ता) 14:56, 16 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)
I don't think so. Often on Commons, admin experience on other Wikis is taken into consideration for making some admin there. Nahid Sultan had massive editing and admin experience on Bangla Wikipedia before becoming an admin on Commons. --मुज़म्मिल (वार्ता) 15:02, 16 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)

info required[संपादित करें]

This may be just trivial but i need more info about it if you can provide, click on this link here, truth or hoax.....Sushilmishra (वार्ता) 20:28, 16 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)

Cannot confirm or deny, but you can see this lengthy debate on the topic here:


Here is something which indicates the claims of UFO paints are not unique to the news reported:

--मुज़म्मिल (वार्ता) 23:48, 16 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)

Well the discussion on forum is 4 year old were as this is published recently are those connected?....Sushilmishra (वार्ता) 09:49, 17 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)

Those do not have any direct connection except the fact that these sites are geographically close - one in "Charama region in Kanker district in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh" and the other in "Hoshangabad district of the state of Madhya Pradesh only 70 kilometers from the local administrative centre of Raisen". Note that MP and Chhattisgarh were one state until recently. --मुज़म्मिल (वार्ता) 10:59, 17 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)

hmm nearly 14 years back...any ways point is does this topic worth a page here on wikipedia?....Sushilmishra (वार्ता) 11:06, 17 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)
I think we need more confirmatory sources. --मुज़म्मिल (वार्ता) 12:53, 17 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)

policy voilation[संपादित करें]

Look at the page भवानी प्रसाद तिवारी, this page is created by सदस्य:डॉ आभा दुबे, this lady claims to be daughter of भवानी प्रसाद तिवारी on her user page, this is against wikipedia policy en:Wikipedia:Conflict of interest, en:Wikipedia:No original research, en:Wikipedia:Verifiability, en:Wikipedia:Neutral point of view, en:Wikipedia:Citing sources and en:Wikipedia:Identifying reliable sources, this wikipedia is now getting more comic day by day.....Sushilmishra (वार्ता) 11:16, 17 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)

wow this lady even wrote that she is daughter on this gentle man in the article page too(i have removed it but you can see in page edit history)......Sushilmishra (वार्ता) 11:41, 17 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)
warned this lady that she violating wikipedia policy at 11:30, 17 जुलाई 2014 (UTC) but again she is indulging in activity.....Sushilmishra (वार्ता) 12:01, 17 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)
YesY पूर्ण हुआ I've speedy-tagged it as well as added a special note in red for our admins. --मुज़म्मिल (वार्ता) 12:55, 17 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)
admins hahaha they are still work on page हेमंत शेष, the same way they are working on many more for past 1 year......Sushilmishra (वार्ता) 12:59, 17 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)
Buddy, ur "hahaha" frightens me. Anyway, your good friend Sanjeev Kumar has dutifully deleted the article. --मुज़म्मिल (वार्ता) 15:09, 17 जुलाई 2014 (UTC)