मीडियाविकि वार्ता:Spam-blacklist

पृष्ठ की सामग्री दूसरी भाषाओं में उपलब्ध नहीं है।
मुक्त ज्ञानकोश विकिपीडिया से

यह पृष्ठ मीडियाविकि:Spam-blacklist पन्ने के सुधार पर चर्चा करने के लिए वार्ता पन्ना है। यदि आप अपने संदेश पर जल्दी सबका ध्यान चाहते हैं, तो यहाँ संदेश लिखने के बाद चौपाल पर भी सूचना छोड़ दें।

Please include http://krantmlverma.blogspot.com in this list too! It's high time this was done. Regards, लवी सिंघल (वार्ता) 07:52, 11 जनवरी 2013 (UTC)उत्तर दें[उत्तर दें]

Is there is any evidence of persistent spamming?<>< बिल विलियम कॉम्पटनवार्ता 02:09, 31 जनवरी 2013 (UTC)उत्तर दें[उत्तर दें]
No. Sorry, I didn't make it clear. I didn't find any evidence of spamming. However, it is quite likely that people might just google for some term, find a cached version of the page mirrored at this site and add the content here citing the site as a supporting source. Atleast, can it be included in abuse filter? Regards, लवी सिंघल (वार्ता) 08:53, 31 जनवरी 2013 (UTC)उत्तर दें[उत्तर दें]

This list currently contains wordpress.com

IMO this should be removed from here and added to the AbuseFilter to stop usage in select namespaces (instead of everywhere, which happens from additions here). Just a while ago I tried adding a useful wordpress link at सदस्य_वार्ता:MKar#.E0.A4.B5.E0.A4.BF.E0.A4.95.E0.A4.BF.E0.A4.AA.E0.A5.80.E0.A4.A1.E0.A4.BF.E0.A4.AF.E0.A4.BE:Statistics and failed (had to remove the http to save the edit). I don't think there's anything wrong with users referring to wordpress (or blogspot) in discussions.--सिद्धार्थ घई (वार्ता) 11:40, 29 सितंबर 2013 (UTC)उत्तर दें[उत्तर दें]

As long as it is restricted for main namespace, I don't think anyone would have any objection.<>< बिल विलियम कॉम्पटनवार्ता 13:23, 29 सितंबर 2013 (UTC)उत्तर दें[उत्तर दें]

Please append the following domain name to the list[संपादित करें]

//Eatcha (वार्ता) 04:06, 6 जनवरी 2020 (UTC)उत्तर दें[उत्तर दें]

@SM7: Would you please consider blacklisting this domain. See m:User:COIBot/XWiki/sarkarisyllabus.com for some of the detail of the spam; looks like a clear conflict of interest editing. I have recently left the editor a warning about their link spam. Billinghurst (वार्ता) 10:38, 11 अक्टूबर 2020 (UTC)उत्तर दें[उत्तर दें]

YesY पूर्ण हुआ Billinghurst (वार्ता) 13:08, 19 नवम्बर 2022 (UTC)उत्तर दें[उत्तर दें]

Per m:User:COIBot/XWiki/thetribsnews.online. The user had already been warned. Billinghurst (वार्ता) 23:28, 23 दिसम्बर 2022 (UTC)उत्तर दें[उत्तर दें]

Billinghurst, YesY पूर्ण हुआ after being added again by an obvious spam account. Used nowhere globally now. Styyx (वार्ता) 20:14, 12 जनवरी 2023 (UTC)उत्तर दें[उत्तर दें]

जोड़ें (add)[संपादित करें]

Please add this website to the list as well. indorinews24.blogspot.com
कृपया करके इस वेबसाइट को भी लिस्ट में जोड़ें। indorinews24.blogspot.com मनीष पँवार वार्ता 20:19, 12 जनवरी 2023 (UTC)उत्तर दें[उत्तर दें]

जोड़ें (add)[संपादित करें]

@संजीव कुमार: Please add this website to the list as well.
कृपया करके इस वेबसाइट को भी लिस्ट में जोड़ें।

  • factonweb.com
  • healthfitnesstipss.com
  • neerajwiki.com
  • sarkariofficel.in
  • rgcinemanews.com
  • smartsarkariyojana.in

मनीष पँवार वार्ता 15:25, 8 फ़रवरी 2023 (UTC)उत्तर दें[उत्तर दें]