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नम्र प्रोसेसर (soft processor या soft microprocessor या softcore microprocessor) उस माइक्रोप्रोसेसर कोर को कहते हैं जिसको किसी एफपीजीए, सीपीएलडी या एसिक में ढाला जा सके। [1]

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प्रोसेसर विकासकर्ता मुक्तस्रोत बस सपोर्ट टिप्पणियाँ परियोजना गृह वर्णन की भाषा
अम्बर (प्रोसेसर) कोनोर सैन्टिफोर्ट LGPLv2.1 Wishbone ARMv2a 3-stage or 5-stage pipeline Project page at Opencores Verilog
BERI University of Cambridge BSD एमआईपीएस Project page Bluespec
Dossmatik René Doss CC BY-NC 3.0, except commercial applicants have to pay a licence fee. Pipelined bus MIPS I instruction set pipeline stages Dossmatik VHDL
NEO430 Stephan Nolting हाँ Wishbone (Avalon, AXI4-Lite) 16-bit MSP430 ISA-compatible, very small size, many peripherals, highly customizable NEO430 VHDL
MCL65 MicroCore Labs हाँ Ultra-small-footprint microsequencer-based 6502 core 252 Spartan-7 LUTs. Clock cycle-exact. MCL65 Core
MCL51 MicroCore Labs नहीं Ultra-small-footprint microsequencer-based 8051 core 312 Artix-7 LUTs. Quad-core 8051 version is 1227 LUTs. MCL51 Core
MCL86 MicroCore Labs नहीं 8088 BIU provided. Others easy to create. Cycle accurate 8088/8086 implemented with a microsequencer. Less than 2% utilization of Kintex-7. MCL86 Core
TSK3000A Altium Royalty-free Wishbone 32-bit R3000-style RISC modified Harvard-architecture CPU Embedded Design on Altium Wiki
TSK51/52 Altium Royalty-free Wishbone / Intel 8051 8-bit Intel 8051 instruction set compatible, lower clock cycle alternative Embedded Design on Altium Wiki
OpenSPARC T1 Sun हाँ 64-bit OpenSPARC.net Verilog
MicroBlaze Xilinx नहीं PLB, OPB, FSL, LMB, AXI4 Xilinx MicroBlaze
PicoBlaze Xilinx नहीं Xilinx PicoBlaze VHDL, Verilog
Nios, Nios II Altera नहीं Avalon Altera Nios II Verilog
Cortex-M1 ARM नहीं [1] 70–200 

MHz, 32-bit RISC

[2] Verilog
eSi-RISC EnSilica नहीं AMBA AXI, AHB and APB Configurable as 16- or 32-bit. Supports ASIC and FPGA. EnSilica eSi-RISC Verilog
LatticeMico8 Lattice हाँ Wishbone LatticeMico8 Verilog
LatticeMico32 Lattice हाँ Wishbone LatticeMico32 Verilog
LEON3/4 Aeroflex Gaisler हाँ AMBA2 SPARC V8 Aeroflex Gaisler VHDL
Tacus/PIPE5 TemLib हाँ Pipelined bus SPARC V8 TEMLIB VHDL
Navré Sébastien Bourdeauducq हाँ Direct SRAM Atmel AVR compatible 8-bit RISC Project page at Opencores Verilog
OpenRISC OpenCores हाँ Wishbone 32-bit; done in ASIC, Actel, Altera, Xilinx FPGA. OR1K Verilog
ARC ARC International, Synopsys नहीं 16/32-bit ISA RISC DesignWare ARC Verilog
pAVR Doru Cuturela हाँ Atmel AVR-compatible 8-bit RISC Project page at Opencores VHDL
AEMB Shawn Tan हाँ Wishbone MicroBlaze EDK 3.2 compatible AEMB Verilog
OpenFire Virginia Tech CCM Lab हाँ OPB, FSL Binary compatible with the MicroBlaze [3][2] Verilog
SecretBlaze LIRMM, University of Montpellier / CNRS हाँ Wishbone MicroBlaze ISA, VHDL SecretBlaze VHDL
SpartanMC TU Darmstadt / TU Dresden हाँ Custom (AXI support in development) 18-bit ISA (GNU Binutils / GCC support in development) SpartanMC Verilog
SYNPIC12 Miguel Angel Ajo Pelayo MIT PIC12F compatible, program synthesised in gates nbee.es VHDL
PacoBlaze Pablo Bleyer हाँ Compatible with the PicoBlaze processors PacoBlaze Verilog
CPU86 HT-Lab हाँ 8088-compatible CPU in VHDL cpu86 VHDL
xr16 Jan Gray नहीं XSOC abstract bus 16-bit RISC CPU and SoC featured in Circuit Cellar Magazine #116-118 XSOC/xr16 Schematic
JOP Martin Schoeberl हाँ SimpCon / Wishbone (extension) Stack-oriented, hard real-time support, executing Java bytecode directly Jop VHDL
ERIC5 Entner Electronics नहीं 9-bit RISC, very small size, C-programmable ERIC5 VHDL
YASEP Yann Guidon AGPLv3 Direct SRAM 16 or 32 bits, RTL in VHDL & asm in JS, microcontroller subset : ready yasep.org (Firefox required) VHDL
Zet Zeus Gómez Marmolejo हाँ Wishbone x86 PC clone Zet Verilog
f32c University of Zagreb BSD AXI, SDRAM, SRAM 32-bit, RISC-V / MIPS ISA subsets (retargetable), GCC toolchain f32c VHDL
ZipCPU Gisselquist Technology GPLv3 Wishbone, B4/pipelined 32-bit CPU targeted for minimal FPGA resource usage zipcpu.com Verilog
ZPU Zylin AS हाँ Wishbone Stack based CPU, configurable 16/32 bit datapath, eCos support Zylin CPU VHDL
ZPUino Álvaro Lopes हाँ Wishbone Zylin's ZPU based SoC, 32 bit, Linux support. ZPUino VHDL
OpenPiton Princeton Parallel Group हाँ Manycore SPARC V9 OpenPiton Verilog
s80x86 Jamie Iles GPLv3 Custom 80186-compatible GPLv3 core s80x86 SystemVerilog
VexRiscv SpinalHDL हाँ AXI4 / Avalon 32-bit, RISC-V, up to 340 

MHz on Artix 7. Up to 1.44 


https://web.archive.org/web/20190417072643/https://github.com/SpinalHDL/VexRiscv VHDLVerilog (SpinalHDL)

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