कुर्ट गेडेल

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कुर्ट गेडेल
जन्म कुर्ट फ्रेडरिक गेडेल
28 अप्रैल 1906
Brünn, Austria-Hungary
(now Brno, Czech Republic)
मृत्यु 20-01-1961
Princeton, New Jersey, U.S.
आवास United States
नागरिकता Austria, United States
क्षेत्र Mathematics, Mathematical logic
संस्थान Institute for Advanced Study
शिक्षा University of Vienna
डॉक्टरी सलाहकार Hans Hahn
प्रसिद्धि Gödel's incompleteness theorems, Gödel's completeness theorem, the consistency of the Continuum hypothesis with ZFC, Gödel metric, Gödel's ontological proof
उल्लेखनीय सम्मान Albert Einstein Award (1951); National Medal of Science (U.S.) in Mathematical, Statistical, and Computational Sciences (1974)
Fellow of the British Academy

कुर्ट फ्रेडरिक गेडेल (Kurt Friedrich Gödel; जन्म २८ अप्रैल १९०६ - १४ जनवरी १९७८) मूल रूप से ऑस्ट्रियाई और बाद में अमेरिकी तर्कशास्त्री, गणितज्ञ और दार्शनिक थे।

सन्दर्भ[संपादित करें]

  1. Tucker McElroy (2005). A to Z of Mathematicians. Infobase Publishing. पृ॰ 118. आई॰ऍस॰बी॰ऍन॰ 9780816053384. Gödel had a happy childhood, and was called "Mr. Why" by his family, due to his numerous questions. He was baptized as a Lutheran, and re- mained a theist (a believer in a personal God) throughout his life.

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