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सीज़न[संपादित करें]

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1 22 20042005 30 अगस्त, 2005 27 फरवरी, 2006 28 नवंबर, 2005 13.3 #24 5.2/13 (#20)
2 24 20052006 22 अगस्त, 2006 23 अक्तूबर, 2006 23 अक्तूबर, 2006 17.3 #10 6.8/16 (#6)
3 24 20062007 21 अगस्त, 2007 5 नवंबर, 2007 19 सितंबर, 2007 19.4 #7 8.1/20 (#3)
4 24 20072008 19 अगस्त, 2008 27 अक्तूबर, 2008 20 अगस्त, 2008 18.3 #4 7.4/18 (TBA)
5 24 2008–2009 TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA

पहला सीज़न: 2004-2005[संपादित करें]

प्रसंग # शीर्षक लेखक निर्देशक Original airdate Final Diagnosis
1 (1-01) "Pilot" डेविड शोरब्रायन सिंगर16 नवंबर, 2004[2]Neurocysticercosis
A young kindergarten teacher collapses in her classroom from a seizure. She is taken to Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, where Dr. House and his team of experts grapple to solve the mystery.[1] 
2 (1-02) "Paternity" Lawrence KaplowPeter O'Fallon23 नवंबर, 2004[2]Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis
A 16 year old lacrosse player has double vision, night terrors and frequent hallucinations
3 (1-03) "Occam's Razor" डेविड शोरब्रायन सिंगर30 नवंबर, 2004[2]Colchicine poisoning
Dr. House and his team struggle to find out why a college student collapsed after having sex with his girlfriend. 
4 (1-04) "मातृत्व" पीटर ब्लेकNewton Thomas Sigel7 दिसंबर, 2004[2]Echovirus 11
A number of newborn babies acquire unknown diseases simultaneously. 
5 (1-05) "Damned If You Do" Sara B. CooperGreg Yaitanes14 दिसंबर, 2004[2]Copper allergy
Dr. House's approach raises questions when he treats a nun for what he believes to be an allergy, and accidentally almost kills her. 
6 (1-06) "The Socratic Method" John MankiewiczPeter Medak21 दिसंबर, 2004[2]Vitamin K deficiency and Wilson's disease
When a schizophrenic mother has a deep-vein thrombosis, a strange phone call causes House to question her (in)sanity once again. 
7 (1-07) "फिडेलिटी" Thomas L. Moranब्रायन स्पाइसर28 दिसंबर, 2004[2]African trypanosomiasis
A woman comes down with symptoms of African sleeping sickness, but there seems to be no way she could have contracted it. 
8 (1-08) "पॉइज़न – (ज़हर)" मैट विटनGuy Ferland25 जनवरी, 2005[2]Phosmet poisoning
House and his team investigate the mysterious poisoning of high-school student Matt Davis but another teen is brought in with all of the same symptoms but almost nothing else in common with Matt. 
9 (1-09) "DNR" David FosterFrederick King Keller1 फरवरी, 2005[2]Arteriovenous malformation
When a legendary jazz musician collapses mid-session, House and his team run into technical difficulties treating the man, who has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis but when he orders to have a DNR, House disobeys it and ends up in court. 
10 (1-10) "Histories" Joel ThompsonDan Attias8 फरवरी, 2005[2]Tuberculosis और Rabies
When a homeless woman has a seizure, some of the employees at Princeton-Plainsboro think that she is faking her seizures in hopes of getting a free meal. 
11 (1-11) "डीटॉक्स" Lawrence Kaplow और Thomas L. MoranNelson McCormick15 फरवरी, 2005[2]Naphthalene poisoning
Cuddy bets a month's clinic duty that House can't stay off Vicodin for a week while he tries to find out why a car crash victim won't stop bleeding. 
12 (1-12) "स्पोर्टस मेडीसिन" John Mankiewicz और डेविड शोरKeith Gordon22 फरवरी, 2005[2]Cadmium poisoning
When a baseball star suddenly breaks his arm while pitching, he finds out he has a bizarre case of bone loss. 
13 (1-13) "Cursed" मैट विटन और पीटर ब्लेकDaniel Sackheim1 मार्च, 2005[2]Anthrax और Leprosy

After consulting an Ouija board on his life, a young boy thinks that he is going to die. Chase's dad came to the

hospital to meet Wilson and help House to diagnose the kid. 
14 (1-14) "Control" Lawrence KaplowRandy Zisk15 मार्च, 2005[2]Congestive heart failure onset by Bulimia and regular use of Ipecac.
A woman is admitted to the hospital after having leg pain during a conference. 
15 (1-15) "Mob Rules" David Foster and John MankiewiczTim Hunter22 मार्च, 2005[2]Ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency
House treats a man serving as a witness to a mob case, and whose commanding mobster brother warns House not to release his patient — or the diagnosis. 
16 (1-16) "हैवी" Thomas L. MoranFred Gerber29 मार्च, 2005[2]Cushing's syndrome
House struggles with finding out why an obese ten-year-old had a heart attack. 
17 (1-17) "रोल मॉडल" मैट विटनPeter O'Fallon12 अप्रैल, 2005[2]Epstein-Barr virus
When a presidential hopeful falls ill at a campaign, House is forced to take the case by Vogler. 
18 (1-18) "बेबीस एवं बाथवाटर" पीटर ब्लेक और डेविड शोर (teleplay)
पीटर ब्लेक (story)
बिल जौन्सन19 अप्रैल, 2005[2]Small cell carcinoma
A pregnant woman must make a tough choice between her life and that of her unborn child's. 
19 (1-19) "Kids" Thomas L. Moran और Lawrence KaplowDeran Sarafian3 मई, 2005[2]Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura
Amid the chaos of a meningitis outbreak, House sees a patient whose symptoms don't quite add up to the outbreak. 
20 (1-20) "लव हर्ट्स" Sara B. Cooperब्रायन स्पाइसर10 मई, 2005[2]Fulminating osteomyelitis
After House's reckless manner to a panicked man accidentally triggers a stroke, the man faces dire consequences. 
21 (1-21) "तीन कहानियाँ" डेविड शोरपेरिस बार्कले17 मई, 2005[2]Streptococcus, osteosarcoma, and leg infarction
House gives a lecture to a class of students on diagnostics in which all three given patients have leg pain. 
22 (1-22) "हनीमून" Lawrence Kaplow और John MankiewiczFrederick King Keller24 मई, 2005[2]Acute intermittent porphyria
After much convincing (drugging Mark's drink), Stacy's husband Mark is admitted to the hospital to undergo a battery of tests which come up negative even though his steadily growing symptoms indicate he is dying. 

दूसरा सीज़न: 2005-2006[संपादित करें]

प्रसंग # Title लेखक निर्देशक Original airdate Final Diagnosis
23 (2-01) "Acceptance" Russel Friend & Garrett LernerDan Attias13 सितंबर, 2005[3]Methanol Poisoning and Pheochromocytoma
A death row inmate is felled by an unknown disease and House volunteers to investigate, over the objections of most of the staff. Cameron ends up with her own patient with whom she has to deal. 
24 (2-02) "Autopsy" Lawrence KaplowDeran Sarafian20 सितंबर, 2005[3]Thrombosis
House and team struggle to diagnose a young girl who has hallucinations and terminal cancer but she will die unless a diagnosis is found quickly. 
25 (2-03) "Humpty Dumpty" Matt WittenDan Attias27 सितंबर, 2005[3]Psittacosis
A roofer with asthma inexplicably falls unconscious off Dr. Cuddy's roof. 
26 (2-04) "TB or Not TB" David FosterPeter O'Fallon1 नवंबर, 2005[3]Nesidioblastoma and Tuberculosis
A famous doctor gets ill when working in Africa, and is sent to House for treatment. Everyone except House believes that his illness is due to tuberculosis
27 (2-05) "Daddy's Boy" Thomas L. MoranGreg Yaitanes8 नवंबर, 2005[3]Spinal tumor and radiation poisoning
A student who just graduated from Princeton experiences severe spasms at graduation party. Meanwhile, House's parents drop by. 
28 (2-06) "Spin" Sara HessFred Gerber15 नवंबर, 2005[3]Air embolus, Pure red cell aplasia, thymoma, and myasthenia gravis
A famous cyclist is brought to House's clinic after collapsing during a race. He is surprisingly honest about several illegal medications and techniques he applied to himself, but his sickness is not caused by any of these. 
29 (2-07) "Hunting" Liz FriedmanGloria Muzio22 नवंबर, 2005[3]Echinococcosis
Dr. House finally relents in treating a neighbor with AIDS, only to find that his sickness may be more than it first appears. 
30 (2-08) "The Mistake" Peter BlakeDavid Semel29 नवंबर, 2005[3]Hepatitis C
After a patient dies under Chase's watch, he and House must face a board of doctors to hear their fates. 
31 (2-09) "Deception" Michael R. PerryDeran Sarafian13 दिसंबर, 2005[3]Clostridium perfringens
A woman who has a seizure is admitted to the hospital but Cameron wants her to be discharged when they discover she has Munchausen syndrome; however, House believes she has an underlying condition. 
32 (2-10) "Failure to Communicate" Doris EganJace Alexander10 जनवरी, 2006[3]Cerebral malaria
A famed journalist collapses in his magazine company's office. While he acts nonchalantly after getting up, it soon becomes clear from his word salad inflected speech that he is suffering from aphasia
33 (2-11) "Need to Know" Pamela DavisDavid Semel7 फरवरी, 2006[3]Hepatocellular adenoma
House and Stacy try to repair their relationship while the rest of the team tries to diagnose a woman who flails randomly. 
34 (2-12) "Distractions" Lawrence KaplowDan Attias14 फरवरी, 2006[3]Serotonin syndrome
Logistical problems arise when House and his team can't do all of their normal tests on a sick burn victim. 
35 (2-13) "Skin Deep" Russel Friend & Garrett Lerner & David Shore (teleplay)
Russel Friend & Garrett Lerner (story)
Jim Hayman20 फरवरी, 2006[3]Male Pseudohermaphroditism and Testicular cancer
Dr. House treats a teenage supermodel for heroin addiction and, in the process, uncovers startling secrets about the girl. 
36 (2-14) "Sex Kills" Matt WittenDavid Semel7 मार्च, 2006[3]Brucellosis
House tries to treat a man who has a seizure but doesn't realize it and needs a new heart. When the transplant committee votes "no" for a new heart, House tries to get one from a dead woman whose organs were also rejected by the committee. 
37 (2-15) "Clueless" Thomas L. MoranDeran Sarafian28 मार्च, 2006[3]Gold poisoning
When a man can't breathe after roleplaying with his wife, House must question the motives for the marriage. 
38 (2-16) "Safe" Peter BlakeFelix Alcala4 अप्रैल, 2006[3]Tick paralysis
A teenage heart recipient suffers anaphylaxis in her cleanroom, but House and his team can not pinpoint the source of the allergen. 
39 (2-17) "All In" David FosterFred Gerber11 अप्रैल, 2006[3]Erdheim-Chester disease
During a charity Casino Night, Cuddy gets a patient whom she dismisses as being dehydrated; however, House realizes that the patient is exhibiting the same symptoms as a woman who died under House's watch twelve years ago. 
40 (2-18) "Sleeping Dogs Lie" Sara HessGreg Yaitanes18 अप्रैल, 2006[3]Bubonic plague
House tries to determine why a lesbian woman cannot sleep. 
41 (2-19) "House vs. God" Doris EganJohn F. Showalter25 अप्रैल, 2006[3]Tuberous sclerosis and Herpes encephalitis
A teenage religious healer shows up at the hospital with an originally easily diagnosable ailment, and during his stay, he seems to shrink the tumor of a cancer patient. 
42 (2-20) "Euphoria, Part 1" Matthew V. LewisDeran Sarafian2 मई, 2006[3]No diagnosis
House is trying to cure a crooked cop who acts turbulent and laughs uncontrollably, but he and his team are unable to determine the cause. When Foreman starts showing similar symptoms, the situation gets far worse than anybody expected. 
43 (2-21) "Euphoria, Part 2" Russel Friend & Garrett Lerner & David ShoreDeran Sarafian3 मई, 2006[3]Legionellosis (induced) and Primary amoebic meningoencephalitis
With Foreman's condition rapidly deteriorating, the team is running out of options to test. Using the cop's progression, it seems Foreman has less than 24 hours to live. 
44 (2-22) "Forever" Liz FriedmanDaniel Sackheim9 मई, 2006[3]Celiac disease
On his way out the door, a man vomits and decides to stay home from work only to find his wife in the bathtub having a seizure, and their newborn infant drowning. 
45 (2-23) "Who's Your Daddy?" John Mankiewicz & Lawrence Kaplow (teleplay)
Charles M. Duncan & John Mankiewicz (story)
Martha Mitchell16 मई, 2006[3]Zygomycosis
After a Hurricane Katrina victim hallucinates on a plane, an old friend of House takes on the role of the victim's parent, but House doesn't believe that he is really the father. 
46 (2-24) "No Reason" David Shore (teleplay)
Lawrence Kaplow & David Shore (story)
David Shore23 मई, 2006[3]No diagnosis
When a man with a swollen tongue is admitted to the hospital, House is shot by a mysterious man. 

तीसरा सीज़न: 2006-2007[संपादित करें]

प्रसंग # Title लेखक निर्देशक Original airdate Final Diagnosis
47 (3-01) "Meaning" Lawrence Kaplow & डेविड शोर (teleplay)
Russel Friend, Garrett Lerner, Lawrence Kaplow & डेविड शोर (story)
Deran Sarafian5 सितंबर, 2006[4]
House returns to work with no leg pain and decides to take on two cases at once. 
48 (3-02) "Cane and Able" Russel Friend & Garrett Lerner (teleplay)
Russel Friend, Garrett Lerner, Lawrence Kaplow & डेविड शोर (story)
Daniel Sackheim12 सितंबर, 2006[4]Chimerism
House's new case is a 7-year-old boy, a product of in-vitro fertilization, who's been admitted to the hospital with rectal bleeding and proclamations of alien abductions and experimentation. 
49 (3-03) "Informed Consent" डेविड फॉस्टरLaura Innes19 सितंबर, 2006[4]Amyloidosis
House's patient, a renowned doctor and author, demands that the team stop the litany of medical tests and help him end his life since the possibility of a cure is slim. 
50 (3-04) "Lines in the Sand" David HolseltonNewton Thomas Sigel26 सितंबर, 2006[4]Baylisascaris
A young autistic child is admitted to the hospital for screaming, but House's team is skeptical that it actually means anything. However, after a pleural effusion, House doesn't know what to think. 
51 (3-05) "Fools for Love" पीटर ब्लेकDavid Platt31 अक्तूबर, 2006[4]Hereditary Angioedema
House treats a young married couple with similar symptoms. 
52 (3-06) "Que Será Será" Thomas L. MoranDeran Sarafian7 नवंबर, 2006[4]Small cell lung carcinoma
A morbidly obese man is found in a coma and admitted to the hospital. Upon waking, he demands to be discharged, and refuses to be tested for any disease possibly caused by his weight. 
53 (3-07) "Son of Coma Guy" Doris EganDan Attias14 नवंबर, 2006[4]MERRF syndrome
After the son of a comatose man has a seizure, House must wake the comatose man to get answers. However, the comatose man has other plans. 
54 (3-08) "Whac-A-Mole" पामेला डेविसDaniel Sackheim21 नवंबर, 2006[4]Chronic Granulomatous Disease
When an orphan caring for two younger siblings vomits uncontrollably while working at a child's birthday party, House and his team uncover a bizarre series of symptoms and infections. 
55 (3-09) "Finding Judas" Sara HessDeran Sarafian28 नवंबर, 2006[4]Erythropoietic protoporphyria
A young girl, whose guardianship is taken from her divorced parents and awarded to Cuddy, is suffering from what appears to be pancreatitis. 
56 (3-10) "Merry Little Christmas" Liz FriedmanTony To12 दिसंबर, 2006[4]Langerhans' cell histiocytosis
House is cut off from his supply of Vicodin completely by Cuddy, and is eventually removed from his team's case: a 15-year-old girl brought in to the hospital for treatment, suffering from a collapsed lung and anemia. 
57 (3-11) "Words and Deeds" Leonard DickDaniel Sackheim9 जनवरी, 2007[4]Spinal meningioma
House, while dealing with court, treats a firefighter who experiences shivering and multiple heart attacks
58 (3-12) "One Day, One Room" डेविड शोरJuan J. Campanella30 जनवरी, 2007[5]Chlamydia
While working on his clinic hours, House encounters a rape victim who demands that House treat her. 
59 (3-13) "Needle in a Haystack" डेविड फॉस्टरPeter O'Fallon6 फरवरी, 2007[4]Undigested toothpick
After a 16 year old is brought into the hospital, House believes that he has Wegener's granulomatosis and soon clashes with the boy's gypsy parents over medical treatment. 
60 (3-14) "Insensitive" Matthew V. LewisDeran Sarafian13 फरवरी, 2007[6]Fish tapeworm causing Vitamin B12 Deficiency
A girl with the rare inability to feel pain gets in a car accident. Once her testing is done, she begins having high fevers, and paranoid delusions, and is rapidly deteriorating. 
61 (3-15) "Half-Wit" Lawrence KaplowKatie Jacobs6 मार्च, 2007[6]Takayasu's arteritis
A brain-damaged music savant (Special Guest Star Dave Matthews) has seizures despite being on anti-seizure medications, while everyone is shocked to learn that House has entered himself for brain cancer treatment. 
62 (3-16) "Top Secret" Thomas L. MoranDeran Sarafian27 मार्च, 2007[7]Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia
House treats a US Marine returning from Iraq, who has symptoms consistent with Gulf War Syndrome. House's dream about the Marine complicates his handling of the case. 
63 (3-17) "Fetal Position" Russel Friend & Garrett LernerMatt Shakman3 अप्रैल, 2007[8]Maternal Mirror Syndrome - Emma, Non-immune hydrops fetalis - Emma's baby
House treats a pregnant photographer whose baby may kill her. 
64 (3-18) "Airborne" David HoseltonElodie Keene10 अप्रैल, 2007[8]The Bends - Peng, Mass hysteria - Passengers, Methyl bromide poisoning - Fran
House and Cuddy face a widespread outbreak on their plane back from a symposium in Singapore while Wilson and the team treat a woman with constant seizures. 
65 (3-19) "Act Your Age" Sara HessDaniel Sackheim17 अप्रैल, 2007[8]Precocious puberty due to externally applied Testosterone
A 6-year-old girl suffers ailments expected in patients much older. Tensions between Chase and Cameron lead House to intentionally assign them to the same tasks, including investigating the young girl's home. 
66 (3-20) "House Training" Doris EganPaul McCrane24 अप्रैल, 2007[8]Staphylococcus aureus
A con-artist loses her ability to make decisions. While House and the team struggle to find the underlying cause the case becomes personal for Foreman. 
67 (3-21) "Family" Liz FriedmanDavid Straiton1 मई, 2007[8]Histoplasmosis
A 14-year-old leukemia patient's only hope of survival is a bone marrow transplant from his younger brother. But when he gets sick, the team must race against time to save both kids. Meanwhile, Foreman must deal with the consequences of the previous patient's death. 
68 (3-22) "Resignation" पामेला डेविसMartha Mitchell8 मई, 2007Bacterial infection due to suicide attempt
Speculation over Foreman's resignation continues, while a young girl named Addie is admitted after bleeding from the mouth during martial arts practice. House and Wilson are secretly concerned about each other. 
69 (3-23) "The Jerk" Leonard DickDaniel Sackheim15 मई, 2007[8]Hemochromatosis
House meets his match in the form of Nathan Harrison (guest star Nick Lane), an obnoxious 16-year-old chess prodigy with intense head pain and behavioral issues, who manages to annoy and offend every member of House's team during his course of treatment. Meanwhile, Foreman's frustration with House reaches a new level when he believes House sabotages his job interview with another hospital. 
70 (3-24) "Human Error" Katie JacobsThomas L. Moran & Lawrence Kaplow29 मई, 2007Congenital heart defect (infected third coronary artery ostium)
House and the team take on the case of a young woman who, along with her husband, is rescued at sea en route from Cuba in a desperate attempt to see House and get a diagnosis for her illness. During her stay in the hospital, she develops a new symptom: her heart stops - but she keeps talking... Meanwhile, Foreman prepares for his last day at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. 

चौथा सीज़न: 2007-2008[संपादित करें]

Episode # Title Writer(s) Director Original airdate[9][10] Final Diagnosis
71 (4-01) "Alone" Peter Blake & David Shore (teleplay)
Peter Blake (story)
Deran Sarafian25 सितंबर, 2007Allergic reaction to cephalosporins in misidentified patient
When an office building collapses, House has to work fast to diagnose a young woman, Megan, who survived the disaster. Due to her injuries, Megan's only form of communication is blinking. House, without a team since Foreman and Cameron quit and he fired Chase, talks through his ideas with a janitor at the hospital. As House persists in diagnosing Megan by himself, he realizes that the case is not what it appears, and that solitude may not be the answer. 
72 (4-02) "The Right Stuff" Doris Egan & Leonard DickDeran Sarafian2 अक्तूबर, 2007Von Hippel-Lindau disease
House is approached by a fighter pilot named Greta, a candidate for NASA’s astronaut training program. Greta suffers from a neurological disorder in which she is converting visual images to sound, or hearing with her eyes. Knowing that NASA would reject any possibility of her becoming an astronaut if they knew of her problem, Greta begs House to treat her in secret. Meanwhile, House is ruffled when he thinks he sees Cameron, Chase and Foreman in the hospital hallways. 
73 (4-03) "97 Seconds" Russel Friend & Garrett LernerDavid Platt9 अक्तूबर, 2007Strongyloidiasis
The final 10 fellowship candidates compete ferociously when House splits them into two teams by gender. They are assigned to diagnose and treat a wheelchair-bound man with Spinal Muscular Atrophy who is slowly suffocating. As the two teams are trying to one-up each other, complications arise when one team treats the patient but doesn’t follow through to make sure their treatment was executed. While the students are busy with their assignment, House experiments on himself to see what happens in the moments when people hover between life and death. Meanwhile, Foreman runs his own team of fellows in his new job at another hospital, and resorts to using a very “House-like” treatment to help a patient. 
74 (4-04) "Guardian Angels" David HoseltonDeran Sarafian23 अक्तूबर, 2007Ergotism
While having a seizure, a funeral-home cosmetician (Azura Skye) hallucinates that she's being violently raped by one of the corpses she's working on. Later in the hospital, she acts as though her dead mother is in the room with her. Meanwhile, Cameron offers advice to one of the seven candidates for House's team; Foreman has lunch with Cuddy. 
75 (4-05) "मिरर मिरर" डेविड फॉस्टरडेविड प्लैट30 अक्तूबर, 2007Eperythrozoon (Rickettsiaceae resulting from exposure to pig feces)
फोरमैन अस्तपताल वापस आ जाता है और उसे हाउस की टीम के लोगों को देखने का काम दिया जाता है। A man is mugged and suffers from a respiratory arrest. He has no memories of who he is, but instead reads the personality of the most dominant person in the room, applying it to himself to create a temporary identity. His accuracy of being a judge of character intrigues House, who manipulates the man to judge others and ultimately judges whether House is more dominant than Cuddy. 
76 (4-06) "Whatever it Takes" TBATBA6 नवंबर, 2007
House is recruited by the CIA to help diagnose a deathly ill agent with an unknown illness. The agent's medical case is being spearheaded by Dr. Samira Terzi (guest star Michael Michele), who offers up very little information about the agent's history or previous assignments. With limited information to go on, House uses some unorthodox methods to try to crack the code and determine a diagnosis in time to save his mystery patient's life. Meanwhile, Foreman faces resistance from the remaining six fellowship candidates when they question his judgment and argue over the diagnosis of a female drag car racer who passed out after a race. 
77 (4-07) "अगली" TBATBA13 नवंबर, 2007
House and his team are followed by a documentary film crew as they treat a teenager with a major facial deformity who suffered a heart attack prior to a reconstructive procedure. As they work to diagnose the teen, House finds himself distracted by several of the candidates vying for a spot on his team, causing him to question his own motives for having chosen them. 
78 (4-08) "You Don't Want To Know" TBATBA20 नवंबर, 2007
House encounters a magician whose heart failed while performing an underwater escape act. While the remaining fellowship candidates work to diagnose the illusionist, House is determined to prove that he's a scam artist faking his ailments to cover up the fact that he nearly drowned during his act. 
79 (4-09) "गेम्स" TBATBA27 नवंबर, 2007
House assigns the candidates to a particularly challenging case involving an uncooperative, over-the-hill former rock star with a history of drug abuse and civil disobedience while Cuddy orders House to make a final decision and hire the members of his team. 
80 (4-10) "It's a Wonderful Lie" Pamela DavisMatt Shakman29 जनवरी, 2008Breast cancer in displaced breast tissue
House and the team treat a woman who suffers from a sudden paralysis of the hands that causes an injury to her daughter while she's spotting her at an indoor rock-climbing wall. As House probes the woman and her injured daughter for any leads as to what might be causing her condition, he is convinced that the woman is withholding information. 
81 (4-11) "Frozen" Liz FriedmanDavid Straiton3 फरवरी, 2008Fat embolism from broken toe

When Dr. Cate Milton (guest star Mira Sorvino), a psychiatrist trapped at the South Pole and the research station's only doctor, becomes ill in the middle of her assignment, she and Dr. House are thrust into a long-distance relationship of sorts. Unable to get Cate out or any additional medical supplies to the South Pole station, House and his team must resort to treating her via webcam.

Note: This episode aired outside of its regular time slot, immediately following FOX's broadcast of Super Bowl XLII post-game show
82 (4-12) "Don't Ever Change" 5 फरवरी, 2008Nephroptosis
House and the team encounter a woman (guest star Laura Silverman) admitted to Princeton-Plainsboro after she collapsed at her wedding. Her test results come up negative for a variety of common diseases, which leads the team to suspect foul play. When they discover the woman had been a music producer living in the fast lane until she began to practice Hasidic Judaism, House insists that people do not change, and that her seemingly rash decision may be a symptom of the underlying condition. 
83 (4-13) "No More Mr. Nice Guy" Deran SarafianDavid Hoselton & David ShoreApril 28, 2008Chagas disease
House suspects an emergency room patient has a bigger problem than the E.R. initially diagnosed based on the fact that the patient is too nice. A skeptical House questions the patient's sunny disposition as the team tries to get to the bottom of his illness, but disagrees with House that niceness is a symptom. Meanwhile, House and Amber are at odds about how much time they each get to spend with Wilson, and Cuddy demands House give his team performance reviews. 
84 (4-14) "Living the Dream" David StraitonSara Hess & Liz FriedmanMay 5, 2008Hypersensitivity vasculitis due to Quinine allergy
House is convinced one of the actors on his favorite soap opera (guest star Jason Lewis) “Prescription Passion” has a serious medical condition after observing his symptoms on television. House decides to intervene and take matters into his own hands, but both the actor and House's own team dismiss House’s assessment and do not believe there is anything wrong with him. Meanwhile, Amber and Wilson have their first argument, and Cuddy tries to keep up appearances when an inspector makes an unexpected visit to Princeton-Plainsboro. 
85 (4-15) "House's Head" Greg YaitanesPeter Blake & David Foster & Doris Egan & Russel Friend & Garrett LernerMay 12, 2008Air embolism from dental work (bus driver)
House finds himself dazed, confused and covered in blood after surviving a bus accident that left dozens seriously injured. Unable to clearly recall the events leading up to the crash due to his head injuries, House becomes convinced through his flashbacks that a fellow bus passenger was exhibiting signs of a deadly illness prior to the crash. Much to the team's dismay, House pushes through the pain of his own injuries, desperate to piece together the fragments of his shattered memory in order to save someone who might not even know he or she could be dying. 
86 (4-16) "Wilson's Heart" Katie JacobsPeter Blake & David Foster & Doris Egan & Russel Friend & Garrett LernerMay 19, 2008Amantadine poisoning
Clues inside House's head hold the key to a patient's condition, and House's friendship with Wilson is tested beyond limits as murky memories from the bus accident the night before threaten to change their lives forever. 

Season 5: 2008–2009[संपादित करें]

House's fifth season began airing on September 16, 2008. It began to air in a new timeslot from September–December: Tuesday 8/7c.[11] Starting in January 2009, House will be moved to Wednesdays at 8/7c.[12]

Episode # Title Director Writer(s) Original airdate[13] Final Diagnosis
87 (5-01) "Dying Changes Everything" Deran SarafianEli AttieSeptember 16, 2008Diffuse lepromatous leprosy
In the aftermath of personal tragedy, Wilson resigns from the hospital, and ends his friendship with House. Cuddy desperately tries to get the two to repair their friendship. Meanwhile, Thirteen struggles with her medical problems while helping treat an executive assistant with a similar personality to her own. 
88 (5-02) "Not Cancer" David StraitonDavid Shore & Lawrence KaplowSeptember 23, 2008Transplanted cancer stem cells
An organ donor's organs are responsible for the deaths of several patients, and the team work to save the last two recipients. Meanwhile, House hires private detective Lucas (Michael Weston) to spy on Wilson, as well as his team during the differentials. 
89 (5-03) "Adverse Events" September 30, 2008
A painter's undiagnosed illness affects his work, and House and his team must look at the man's paintings to determine what his illness is. 
90 (5-04) "Birthmarks[14]" October 14, 2008
While travelling to his father's funeral, House must help the team with a differential diagnosis on a young Chinese woman who collapsed while searching for her birth parents. 
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