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{{{1}}} [[{{{1}}}]]

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This template is for optionally sorting tables by specified sortkeys, with the displayed output nowrapped.

If necessary one can apply sorting using a sortkey which due to CSS is not displayed: <span style="display:none">...</span>. Javascript sorting is based on the text inside and outside the tags, without the tags themselves. A hidden sortkey can be put at the start.

This template makes that more convenient. The first parameter is the sortkey, the second the wikitext of what has to be displayed. By default this is the sortkey with link brackets.

To use it, place this in your table cell
|{{sort nowrap|Clinton, Bill|[[Bill Clinton]]}}

It presently works through hidden CSS, as described at Help:Sorting. If a cleaner way of doing this is developed, the template will be changed. A table using this template should use it in all rows.

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