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<span style="display:none;">{{{last}}}, {{{first}}}</span>[[{{{first}}} {{{last}}} ({{{dab}}})|{{{first}}} {{{last}}}]]

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The template documentation below is transcluded from साँचा:Sortname/doc [edit]
{{sortname|first|last|optional link target|optional sort key}}

Creates a wikilinked name that can be used in a sortable table (created with class="wikitable sortable").

  • The default sort key is "last, first".
  • The link label is "first last".
  • The default link target is "first last"

The optional link target is useful when "first last" is a disambiguation page instead of the desired article, or when linking to a section of a page.

The optional sort key is useful in the case of special characters such as é.

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