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This template can be transcluded onto the user talk page of any IP address belonging to an educational institution such as a school or college. It provides a warning notice to editors and users from the IP, and categorizes pages to Shared IP addresses and Shared IP addresses from educational institutions.

Usage[संपादित करें]

{{Shared IP edu|name of institution|contact information|host=optional.hostname}}

The second parameter can be used to specify an e-mail address or role account to which abuse reports can be sent. Use this parameter only if the institution has specifically requested that it be added. See, as an example, University of Cambridge, User:Cambridge CERT and User talk:

To prevent excessive clutter on the user talk page, and to make future changes easier, this template should NOT be subst:ed. The parameter for hostname is optional.

See also[संपादित करें]

  • {{SharedIP}} is a general version for use with non-educational establishments
  • {{SharedIPAdvice}} is a version for any general dynamic ip addresses
  • {{SharedIPPublic}} is a version for use with public terminals such as in libraries
  • {{SharedIPCORP}} is a version for use with corporations
  • {{anonblock}}, useful template for generating a block message
  • {{schoolblock}}, useful template for generating a block message