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Otheruses templates[संपादित करें]

To discuss these templates as a whole, please see Wikipedia talk:Disambiguation If you wish to discuss general wordings, rather than the wording or formatting of this specific template, don't post here, or else what you say will probably go unnoticed.

For a summary page on how to use these templates, see Wikipedia:Otheruses templates (example usage).

Generic[संपादित करें]

For example, {{dablink|For other senses of this term, see [[etc...]]}}. This template is adaptable, but fails to standardize hatnotes.
(Similar to Dablink, but used for messages that wouldn't make sense on mirrors of Wikipedia, such as a link in the main article namespace that links to one in the Wikipedia namespace. See Wikipedia:Avoid self-references for more details.)

Otheruses[संपादित करें]

Note: All of these templates are special cases of {{Otheruses4}}

  • {{otheruses4|USE1|USE2|PAGE2|USE3|PAGE3|USE4|PAGE4|USE5|PAGE5}} (fully specified):
  • {{otheruses5}}: (this is for when there are both a singular and plural disambiguation page; only works when the plural is formed simply by adding "s" at the end.)
  • {{otheruses6|PAGE1|PAGE2}}: ल्पी (for when there are two disambiguation pages, such as noun and adjective, or singular and irregular plural; there are only two parameters, at least one is required)

Other people[संपादित करें]

Other places[संपादित करें]

Otherhurricaneuses[संपादित करें]

For articles on storms.

For (other topic)[संपादित करें]

Note: {{otheruses4}} ({{about}} is a convenient redirect) can often be used instead of {{for}}; you just have to add an empty first parameter (e.g. {{For|OTHER TOPIC|PAGE}} becomes {{About||OTHER TOPIC|PAGE}}

  • {{For}} (disambiguous): त्रुटि: कोई प्रसंग प्राचल नहीं दिया गया। "अन्य प्रयोग" कीतरह के हैटनोट के लिए {{other uses}} का इस्तेमाल करें। (सहायता).
  • {{For|OTHER TOPIC}} (disambiguous):
  • {{For2|OTHER TOPIC|LINK TO [[PAGE1]] AND [[PAGE2]]}}:

Otherusesof (topic)[संपादित करें]

Redirect[संपादित करें]

  • {{Redirectstohere|REDIRECT notice}} (To Document dependent link[s], Template also has a hidden mode, (Set "|hide=true") which enables it to document a section title is a redirect page target section, and so should not be changed.); Some examples:

REDIRECT redirects here.,
REDIRECT, Another name and A Foreign name all redirect to here.
— with a little care, bolding the titled redirects can substitute for awkward phrases involving multiple name forms of the main article title; particularly those of the "also known as varieties"...
Gustavus II AdolfGustav Adolphus II and Gustavus Vasa II of Sweden all redirect to here.

  • {{Redirect|REDIRECT}} (disambiguous):
  • {{Redirect|REDIRECT||PAGE}}:
  • {{Redirect|REDIRECT|USE|PAGE}}:
  • {{Redirect2|REDIRECT1|REDIRECT2}} (disambiguous):

"Not to be confused with"...[संपादित करें]

  • {{Distinguish|PAGE}}:

Notes[संपादित करें]

Do not use subst: with these templates, as that will prevent:

  1. propagating changes as the template is modified; and
  2. the What links here (WLH) listing.


These templates may be used in thousands of articles, and changing the syntax could therefore break thousands of articles. If you wish to edit a disambiguation template first ask yourself:

  1. Is there already another template that will do this job? We have lots of disambiguation templates already, see Category:Disambiguation and redirection templates.
  2. Do I really need a template for this? Will it ever get used on any other articles, or should I just use {{dablink}} instead?
  3. Do I know what will happen if I change the parameters around? Will it break existing uses of the template, and if so, can I fix them all?