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Usage[संपादित करें]

{{selfref}} is a template that is used to mark pieces of text and links that wouldn't make sense on mirrors of Wikipedia: see Wikipedia:Self-references to avoid.

In most cases, {{selfref}} is used to create a disambiguation link to a page in the Wikipedia: namespace from article space; for instance, Objectivity (journalism) has a selfref link '{{selfref|For Wikipedia's policy on avoiding bias, see [[Wikipedia:Neutral point of view]].}}'. When using {{selfref}} in this way, use the following format:

{{selfref|the self-referential notice to display, including links}}

If the text of the notice contains any = characters, you have to escape it like this:

{{selfref|1=the self-referential notice to display, including links}}

(This is needed with all templates, not just {{selfref}}.) When using {{selfref}} in this way, the text will be indented slightly and put in italics.

{{selfref}} can also be used for any other text which shouldn't appear in mirrors (the mirrors can remove it by blanking {{selfref}} in their copy, although not all of them do), without reformatting; to use it like this, place an extra vertical bar at the end of the template inclusion, like this:

{{selfref|the self-referential text to display without reformatting|}}

This template should not be substituted.

See also[संपादित करें]

  • Wikipedia:Self-references to avoid
  • {{srlink}}, for the opposite case when you want a link to the Wikipedia: namespace that does show in mirrors without breaking (for instance when writing an article about Wikipedia or something connected to it).