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I wish to know which pages of Hindi Wikipedia have been translated from corresponding English articles. There must be the credit attribution for copyright purposes, so is there a page where all such language1-language2 credits/translation template (forgive my usage of terms, I am new here) are stored?

There are no such templates, it would be very difficult to find all those pages, however many would be there. वैभव जैन वार्ता ईमेल 09:01, 22 अगस्त 2011 (UTC)
Actually there is, साँचा:अनूदित पृष्ठ. Although its not used much.--सिद्धार्थ घई (वार्ता) 12:28, 23 अगस्त 2011 (UTC)

Is there a way using which we can distinguish the ones which are translated from the ones which aren't ?

You'll have to look at both the language versions.--सिद्धार्थ घई (वार्ता) 12:28, 23 अगस्त 2011 (UTC)

I need some (4-5) examples of pages that have translations (in part or fully) from english-hindi or hindi-english ... like Dehradun district, etc. Is there a way to search them more efficiently?

Sorry, there is currently no way to do this on the hindi wikipedia. However, you could have a look at श्रेणी:अनूदित पृष्ठ. Also, there's no use of the helpme template here. It only works on the english wikipedia.--सिद्धार्थ घई (वार्ता) 12:28, 23 अगस्त 2011 (UTC)
PS:Please use talk pages for discussion. User pages(even your own) are not the place for it.--सिद्धार्थ घई (वार्ता) 12:31, 23 अगस्त 2011 (UTC)