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User language
mr-N या सदस्याला मराठी चे स्थानिक स्तराचे ज्ञान आहे.
hi-4 इस सदस्य को हिन्दी का लगभग मातृभाषा स्तर का ज्ञान है।
bh-1 This user has basic knowledge of भोजपुरी.
sa-2 एषः सदस्यः माध्यमिक-संस्कृतेन लेखितुं शक्नोति ।
ahr-1 This user has basic knowledge of Ahirani.
en-3 This user has advanced knowledge of English.
pi-1 This user has basic knowledge of पालि.
knn-1 This user has basic knowledge of Maharashtrian Konkani.
vah-1 This user has basic knowledge of Varhadi-Nagpuri.
khn-1 This user has basic knowledge of Khandesi.
ne-1 यी प्रयोगकर्तासित नेपाली भाषाको साधारण ज्ञान छ।
new-1 थ्व छ्यलामिनाप नेपालभाषाया बांलागु ज्ञान दु।
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This user mostly works on help pages and newuser support activities, his sysop activity is mainly includes policy matters, guidance and edit filters maintenance, renaming of user names at mr-wikipedia is handled by him, writes articles and presentations on philosophy behind encyclopedia and wikimedia principles on other Marathi language websites, writes encyclopedic articles across subject domains in Marathi language, For english wikipedia he is mainly in law and economics related articles.

I Support Marathi translations at Translate wiki and Marathi language related activities and interwiki coordination with other language wikipedia and at commons, en-wikibooks etc. At times he conducts wiki academies and online and offline surveys to understand and support new users better. This user is also keen on supporting users with various dialects of Marathi language to make them feel easy on wiki projects. This user supports and promots one such dialect Ahirani in Incubator.

This user is also beurocrat and sysop at Marathi (mr) language Wikipedia, sysop at mr-wikisource, mr-wiktionary, hi-wiktionary, has done temporary sysop activity for Sanskrit (sa) wikipedia, mr- wikibooks and mr- wikiquotes.

User language
mr-3 या सदस्याला मराठी चे उच्च स्तराचे ज्ञान आहे.
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