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This is an episode list for the dramedy television series Monk. The series premiered on USA Network on 12 जुलाई, 2002 in the United States.

It has been the tradition of each episode to begin with "Mr. Monk".

List of seasons[संपादित करें]

Season Episodes Originally aired DVD release date
1 12 2002 15 जून, 2004[1]
2 16 20032004 11 जनवरी, 2005[2]
3 16 20042005 5 जुलाई, 2005[3]
4 16 20052006 27 जून, 2006[4]
5 16 20062007 26 जून, 2007[5]
6 16 20072008 TBA

Season 1: 2002[संपादित करें]

# #Season Title Director Original airdate
1 1 "Mr. Monk and the Candidate" Dean Parisot 12 जुलाई, 2002
Monk investigates an assassination attempt on मईoral Candidate Warren St. Claire, and learns there's more at play than meets the eye. 
2 2 "Mr. Monk and the Psychic" Kevin Inch 19 जुलाई, 2002
Is there such a thing as sixth sense? When Police Commissioner Harry Ashcombe's wife disappears, her body is mysteriously found by hack "psychic" Dolly Flint. Everyone believes she accomplished the impossible - except for Monk. Is it a miracle... or murder? 
3 3 "Mr. Monk Meets Dale the Whale" Rob Thompson 26 जुलाई, 2002
When a local judge is found murdered, all the evidence points to one man: an 800-lb reclusive tycoon named Dale Biederbeck, a.k.a. Dale the Whale. But how can a man who hasn't left his bed in eleven years, who can't even fit through his bedroom door, be responsible for the murder? 
4 4 "Mr. Monk Goes to the Carnival" Randall Zisk 2 अगस्त, 2002
An amusement park ride turns deadly when a cop and a mysterious informant get on a Ferris wheel. When the ride stops, the informant is dead. It looks like an open and shut case... except to Monk. 
5 5 "Mr. Monk Goes to the Asylum" Nick Marsh 9 अगस्त, 2002
After being discovered in Trudy's old house, Monk is temporarily institutionalized. Once committed, he stumbles upon a decades-old murder. Or is his mind playing tricks on him? 
6 6 "Mr. Monk and the Billionaire Mugger" Stephen Cragg 16 अगस्त, 2002
A billionaire computer mogul is shot dead while mugging a couple outside a movie theater. It appears to be a midlife crisis gone horribly wrong - until Monk uncovers the truth. 
7 7 "Mr. Monk and the Other Woman" Adam Arkin 23 अगस्त, 2002
Monk's dedication to his late wife is tested when he meets a beautiful divorcee who has her sights set on a certain obsessive-compulsive detective. Will a burgeoning romance interfere with a murder investigation? Or is it all part of a larger plan? 
8 8 "Mr. Monk and the Marathon Man" Adam Davidson 13 सितंबर, 2002
A young woman is found murdered during the citywide marathon. The chief suspect has the perfect alibi - he was running in the race! How is it possible for someone to be in two places at the same time? It's Monk's job to find out. 
9 9 "Mr. Monk Takes a Vacation" Kevin Inch 20 सितंबर, 2002
Monk, Sharona, and Benjy head off for a week of rest and relaxation, but it's back to work when Benjy witnesses a murder at their beach resort. 
10 10 "Mr. Monk and the Earthquake" Adam Shankman 4 अक्टूबर, 2002
When a San Francisco philanthropist dies mysteriously in a minor earthquake, Monk suspects foul play. 
11 11 "Mr. Monk and the Red-Headed Stranger" Milan Cheylov 11 अक्टूबर, 2002
Country superstar Willie Nelson a cold-blooded murderer? The police think so - but Monk has other ideas. 
12 12 "Mr. Monk and the Airplane" Rob Thompson 18 अक्टूबर, 2002
Monk braves the unfriendly skies - and finds murder in the air! 

Season 2: 2003-2004[संपादित करें]

# #Season Title Original airdate
13 1 "Mr. Monk Goes Back to School" 20 जून, 2003
Monk takes a job as a substitute high school teacher to determine whether a teacher's fall from a clock tower was really a suicide, or a lesson in murder. 
14 2 "Mr. Monk Goes to Mexico" 27 जून, 2003
Monk gives new meaning to the phrase "don't drink the water" when he travels to Mexico to investigate the mysterious demise of a skydiver who reportedly drowned to death... in mid-air. 
15 3 "Mr. Monk Goes to the Ballgame" 11 जुलाई, 2003
When a ruthless CEO and his wife are lured to their deaths, Monk connects their murders to a baseball great and his quest for the home run record. 
16 4 "Mr. Monk Goes to the Circus" 18 जुलाई, 2003
When a circus ringmaster is murdered by a high flying daredevil, all leads point to his vengeful ex-wife. But how could the acrobatic ex have committed the crime with a broken foot? 
17 5 "Mr. Monk and the Very Very Old Man" 25 जुलाई, 2003
Captain Stottlemeyer takes a page from the book of Monk in order to determine why any one would want to murder the world's oldest man. 
18 6 "Mr. Monk Goes to the Theater" 1 अगस्त, 2003
Sharona's sister Gail lands a part in a local play that any actress would kill for. But when the actor playing her love interest literally dies on stage, the police are convinced she's taken her role a little too far. Sharona and her mother urge Monk to step into the spotlight, and find the real killer before the curtain falls on Gail for good. 
19 7 "Mr. Monk and the Sleeping Suspect" 8 अगस्त, 2003
Monk is convinced he knows who is behind a recent string of mail bombs that have been exploding around San Francisco. The only problem is his primary suspect... is in a coma. 
20 8 "Mr. Monk Meets the Playboy" 15 अगस्त, 2003
When a high-powered magazine publisher chokes to death under mysterious circumstances, all clues lead to the infamous swinging party palace, The Sapphire Mansion. But while a weekend behind the gates of the legendary estate may be every man's fantasy, it's Adrian Monk's worst nightmare. 
21 9 "Mr. Monk and the 12th Man" 22 अगस्त, 2003
When a rash of murders sweeping the city goes unsolved, Monk is called upon to find a correlation with the victims and stop a killer before he strikes again. 
22 10 "Mr. Monk and the Paperboy" 16 जनवरी, 2004
When his paperboy is murdered, Monk turns to the pages of the newspaper for clues to solve the baffling crime. 
23 11 "Mr. Monk and the Three Pies" 23 जनवरी, 2004
What could possibly make a cherry pie worth killing for? Monk finds out, with a little help from his long-lost brother Ambrose. 
24 12 "Mr. Monk and the TV Star" 30 जनवरी, 2004
Monk suspects the star of a hit TV crime show of killing his ex-wife. His only problem: the actor's rock solid alibi. 
25 13 "Mr. Monk and the Missing Granny" 6 फरवरी, 2004
A law student promises to get Monk reinstated to the police force in exchange for his help in finding the kidnappers of her beloved grandmother. 
26 14 "Mr. Monk and the Captain's Wife" 13 फरवरी, 2004
When the Captain's wife falls victim to an apparent union dispute gone awry, it's up to Monk to find out what really happened and bring Stottlemeyer back from the brink. 
27 15 "Mr. Monk Gets Married" 27 फरवरी, 2004
It's unholy matrimony as Monk and Sharona pretend to be married to get the goods on a con man. 
28 16 "Mr. Monk Goes to Jail" 5 मार्च, 2004
When a death-row inmate is murdered 45 minutes before his execution, Monk is brought in to find out why. 

Season 3: 2004-2005[संपादित करें]

# #Season Title Original airdate
29 1 "Mr. Monk Takes Manhattan" 18 जून, 2004
Monk takes on The City That Never Sleeps or washes its hands as he investigates Warrick Tennyson's role in Trudy's murder. 
30 2 "Mr. Monk and the Panic Room" 25 जून, 2004
A music composer is murdered, and Monk finds himself in the monkey business when the man's pet chimpanzee is the prime suspect. Guest Stars Carmen Electra. 
31 3 "Mr. Monk and the Blackout" 9 जुलाई, 2004
Sparks fly when a power company spokeswoman is attracted to Monk as he investigates three deaths that are the results of a citywide power failure. Guest Stars Judge Reinhold. 
32 4 "Mr. Monk Gets Fired" 16 जुलाई, 2004
Even after his private practice license is pulled, Monk's determined to solve thecases of arson murder.... and the commissioner's stolen hat. Guest Stars Glenne Headly. 
33 5 "Mr. Monk Meets the Godfather" 23 जुलाई, 2004
Monk infiltrates an organized crime family as he tries to get to the bottom of an apparent mob hit. 
34 6 "Mr. Monk and the Girl Who Cried Wolf" 30 जुलाई, 2004
The shoe is on the other foot when inexplicable happenings put Sharona's own sanity to the test. 
35 7 "Mr. Monk and the Employee of the Month" 2 अगस्त, 2004
Monk takes a job at a department store to solve the murder of one of the store's employees. 
36 8 "Mr. Monk and the Game Show" 13 अगस्त, 2004
Monk heads to Los Angeles to help the father of his late wife solve a very puzzling mystery on a game show. 
37 9 "Mr. Monk Takes His Medicine" 20 अगस्त, 2004
Monk takes a new medication that alleviates the symptoms of his obsessive-compulsive disorder but impairs his ability to solve crime. 
38 10 "Mr. Monk and the Red Herring" 21 जनवरी, 2005
Why would a thief want to steal an ordinary pet fish? Monk finds out, and meets a new assistant in the process. 
39 11 "Mr. Monk vs. the Cobra" 28 जनवरी, 2005
When all signs in a murder investigation point to deceased Kung Fu movie star Sonny Chow, Monk must find the real culprit. 
40 12 "Mr. Monk Gets Cabin Fever" 4 फरवरी, 2005
When Monk is taken into protective custody after witnessing a Chinese mob killing, he's brought to a remote cabin in the woods where he uncovers another murder. 
41 13 "Mr. Monk Gets Stuck in Traffic" 11 फरवरी, 2005
Monk gets stuck in a traffic jam and finds that the cause of the standstill is murder. 
42 14 "Mr. Monk Goes to Vegas" 18 फरवरी, 2005
Monk travels to Las Vegas when Captain Stottlemeyer suspects foul play in the death of a millionaire casino owner's wife. 
43 15 "Mr. Monk and the Election" 25 फरवरी, 2005
When Natalie runs for school board, Monk must figure out who's behind an attempt on her life. 
44 16 "Mr. Monk and the Kid" 4 मार्च, 2005
Monk unravels a baffling mystery after a toddler finds a severed finger in a park. 

Season 4: 2005-2006[संपादित करें]

# #Season Title Original airdate
45 1 "Mr. Monk and the Other Detective" 8 जुलाई, 2005
When fellow detective Marty Eels shows up at a crime scene knowing all the answers, has Monk finally met his match, or is Eels cheating? 
46 2 "Mr. Monk Goes Home Again" 15 जुलाई, 2005
Monk solves a Halloween murder mystery while he and his brother Ambrose wait for their long-lost father to return home. 
47 3 "Mr. Monk Stays in Bed" 22 जुलाई, 2005
Natalie puts herself in jeopardy to pursue a case when Monk is sick in bed with the flu. 
48 4 "Mr. Monk Goes to the Office" 29 जुलाई, 2005
When a parking garage attendant is killed and a financial analyst’s hand is broken in a mysterious attack, Monk must go undercover in an office to solve the baffling crime. 
49 5 "Mr. Monk Gets Drunk" 5 अगस्त, 2005
A relaxing getaway in wine country turns into a crime-filled weekend as Monk and Natalie try to uncover a murder involving a man that doesn’t exist. 
50 6 "Mr. Monk and Mrs. Monk" 12 अगस्त, 2005
Monk must get to the truth when it appears that his late wife Trudy is still alive. 
51 7 "Mr. Monk Goes to a Wedding" 19 अगस्त, 2005
Monk must prevent a killer from spoiling the party at Natalie’s brother’s wedding. 
52 8 "Mr. Monk and Little Monk" 26 अगस्त, 2005
When a childhood crush comes to Monk with a mysterious murder, Monk tries to win her heart by solving the case. 
53 9 "Mr. Monk and the Secret Santa" 2 December, 2005
When a detective dies at the police department Christmas party after drinking from a poisoned bottle of port intended for Captain Stottlemeyer, can Monk find the killer? 
54 10 "Mr. Monk Goes to a Fashion Show" 13 जनवरी, 2006
Monk enters the world of high fashion when he believes a young man accused of a model’s murder is innocent. 
55 11 "Mr. Monk Bumps His Head" 20 जनवरी, 2006
When Monk wakes up in an unfamiliar town with amnesia, can he solve a local murder mystery and find his way home? 
56 12 "Mr. Monk and the Captain's Marriage" 27 जनवरी, 2006
Monk tries to solve a murder while helping Captain Stottlemeyer deal with marital problems. 
57 13 "Mr. Monk and the Big Reward" 3 फरवरी, 2006
Monk races to find a stolen diamond and claim a million dollar reward. 
58 14 "Mr. Monk and the Astronaut" 3 मार्च, 2006
Monk suspects an astronaut of murder despite his airtight alibi: the astronaut was in outer space at the time of the crime. 
59 15 "Mr. Monk Goes to the Dentist" 10 मार्च, 2006
Monk investigates when Lt. Disher thinks he’s seen his dentist commit a murder. 
60 16 "Mr. Monk Gets Jury Duty" 17 मार्च, 2006
Monk sits on the jury of a minor robbery trial and gets drawn into a larger mystery. 

Season 5: 2006-2007[संपादित करें]

# #Season Title Original airdate
61 1 "Mr. Monk and the Actor" 7 जुलाई, 2006
A famous actor preparing to play Monk gets a little too close to one of Monk's real-life murder investigations. 
62 2 "Mr. Monk and the Garbage Strike" 14 जुलाई, 2006
When a union boss' death threatens to prolong a city-wide garbage strike in San Francisco, it's up to Monk to help end the strike by determining whether the boss' death was suicide or murder. 
63 3 "Mr. Monk and the Big Game" 21 जुलाई, 2006
Julie and her friends hire Monk to look into the suspicious death of their basketball coach. 
64 4 "Mr. Monk Can't See a Thing" 28 जुलाई, 2006
Monk tries to solve a murder after losing his eyesight. 
65 5 "Mr. Monk, Private Eye" 4 अगस्त, 2006
When Natalie convinces Monk to go into business as a private eye, his first case is a seemingly innocuous fender bender that leads to a far more dangerous investigation. 
66 6 "Mr. Monk and the Class Reunion" 11 अगस्त, 2006
Monk attends his college reunion and uncovers a complex murder plot against one of his former classmates. 
67 7 "Mr. Monk Gets a New Shrink" 18 अगस्त, 2006
When Dr. Kroger retires after his cleaning lady is killed, it's up to Monk to solve the case and get Dr. Kroger back to work. 
68 8 "Mr. Monk Goes to a Rock Concert" 25 अगस्त, 2006
Monk goes to a rock concert to look for Captain Stottlemeyer's son and finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation. 
69 9 "Mr. Monk Meets His Dad" 17 नवंबर, 2006
When Monk's truck driving father rolls into town at Christmas time, Monk joins him on the road, where they stumble across a very peculiar mystery. 
70 10 "Mr. Monk and the Leper" 22 December, 2006
A missing millionaire suffering from leprosy comes out of hiding to hire Monk, who soon finds himself in the midst of a shadowy murder plot worthy of a classic Hollywood film noir. The episode was broadcast in black & white as well as in color. Both versions are included in the DVD release. 
71 11 "Mr. Monk Makes a Friend" 19 जनवरी, 2007
A fun-loving everyman named Hal bumps into Monk, and the two become fast friends. For the first time in his life, Monk appears to have a buddy. But is Hal up to something? 
72 12 "Mr. Monk is At Your Service" 26 जनवरी, 2007
When Natalie suspects foul play in the deaths of her parents' wealthy neighbors, Monk goes undercover as a butler to investigate. 
73 13 "Mr. Monk is On the Air" 2 फरवरी, 2007
Monk goes toe to toe with a popular radio shock jock who is suspected of killing his wife. 
74 14 "Mr. Monk Visits a Farm" 9 फरवरी, 2007
When Lt. Disher inherits a farm from an uncle who committed suicide, he decides to quit the police force and start a new life in the country. But Disher soon suspects that his uncle was murdered, so Monk joins him on the farm to investigate. 
75 15 "Mr. Monk and the Really, Really Dead Guy" 23 फरवरी, 2007
When the mysterious “Six Way Killer” strikes in San Francisco, Monk matches his detective skills against the flashy forensic technology of a federal agent as they both pursue the murderer. 
76 16 "Mr. Monk Goes to the Hospital" 2 मार्च, 2007
Monk goes to the emergency room for a bloody nose, but when a doctor in the hospital turns up dead, Monk joins the murder investigation, and soon his own life is in grave danger. 

Season 6: 2007-2008[संपादित करें]

साँचा:Future television episode list

# #Season Title Original airdate
77 1 "Mr. Monk and His Biggest Fan" 13 जुलाई, 2007
Marci Maven (Sarah Silverman) returns, having been accused of murder. 
78 2 "Mr. Monk and the Rapper" 20 जुलाई, 2007
Rapper Murderuss (Snoop Dogg) is accused of whacking another rapper, and it's up to Monk to take the case. 
79 3 "Mr. Monk and the Naked Man" 27 जुलाई, 2007
Monk has to confront his prejudice against nudists when he is called in to investigate a murder on a nude beach. 
80 4 "Mr. Monk and the Bad Girlfriend" 3 अगस्त, 2007
Monk's friendship with Captain Stottlemeyer is put to the test when Monk suspects the captain's girlfriend of murder. 
81 5 "Mr. Monk and the Birds and the Bees" 10 अगस्त, 2007
Monk tries to prove a sports agent is guilty of murder while helping Natalie's teenage daughter, Julie, with her love life. 
82 6 "Mr. Monk and the Buried Treasure" 17 अगस्त, 2007
Monk digs up trouble when he is tricked into helping three teens follow a treasure map
83 7 "Mr. Monk and The Daredevil" 24 अगस्त, 2007
Monk gets depressed when he finds out that Harold Krenshaw is the Frisco Fly, a real-life Human Fly
84 8 "Mr. Monk and The Wrong Man" 7 सितंबर, 2007
A man who Monk convicted and sent to jail of a double homicide fourteen years ago is exonerated by DNA evidence. 
85 9 "Mr. Monk is Up All Night" 14 सितंबर, 2007
First Half of Season 6 Finale 
86 10 "Mr. Monk..." जनवरी, 2008
87 11 "Mr. Monk..." TBA, 2008
88 12 "Mr. Monk..." TBA, 2008
89 13 "Mr. Monk..." TBA, 2008
90 14 "Mr. Monk..." TBA, 2008
91 15 "Mr. Monk..." TBA, 2008
92 16 "Mr. Monk..." TBA, 2008

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