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प्रोटॉन उत्सर्जन

मुक्त ज्ञानकोश विकिपीडिया से
The decay of a proton rich nucleus A populates excited states of a daughter nucleus B by β+ emission or electron capture (EC). Those excited states that lie below the separation energy for protons (Sp) decay by γ emission towards the groundstate of daughter B. For the higher excited states a competitive decay channel of proton emission to the granddaughter C exists, called β-delayed proton emission.

प्रोटॉन उत्सर्जन (Proton emission या प्रोटॉन रेडियोसक्रियता) एक प्रकार की रेडियोसक्रिय क्षय है जिसमें नाभिक से प्रोटॉन उत्सर्जित होता है (निकलता है)।