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This controls the "Next scheduled launch" section of the portal. The next suborbital, orbital and manned launches can be specified. A suborbital launch should only be specified if it precedes the next orbital launch, and likewise an unmanned orbital launch should only be listed if it precedes the next manned launch.


This can be transcluded onto other pages, such as userpages, as well:

{{प्रवेशद्वार:अंतरिक्ष उड़ान/Next launch
|mode = 0 for all launches, 1 for orbital launches only, 2 for manned launches only, defaults to 0
|show_details = If set to yes, a link back to this page and a portal will be provided
|portal = Page title of the portal to link to if a link is provided (defaults to Spaceflight)
|portalname = Name of that portal, if different from the page title


Next Launch

अगला अनुसूचित लांच इसरो द्वारा 27 जनवरी, 2017 को पीएसएलवी की मदद से 87 उपग्रह लांच किये जायेंगे।
एक पूरी लांच अनुसूची के लिए देखें 2020 अंतरिक्ष उड़ान में

Further ahead

Next few unmanned

Subsequent manned

Significantly delayed