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बनवसी के कदम्ब
ಬನವಾಸಿ ಕದಂಬರು
(Subordinate to Pallava until 345)

██ Extent of Kadamba Empire, 500 CE
राजधानी Banavasi
भाषाएँ Sanskrit, Kannada
धर्म Hindu
शासन Monarchy
 -  345 - 365 Mayurasharma
Krishna Varma II
 -  Earliest Kadamba records 450
 -  स्थापित 345
 -  अंत 525
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The Kadamba Dynasty (कन्नड़: ಕದಂಬರು) (345 - 525 CE) was an ancient royal family of Karnataka that ruled from Banavasi in present day Uttara Kannada district. The dynasty later continued to rule as a feudatory of larger Kannada empires, the Chalukya and the Rashtrakuta empires for over five hundred years during which time they branched into Goa and Hanagal. At the peak of their power under King Kakushtavarma, they ruled large parts of Karnataka. During the pre-Kadamba era the ruling families that controlled Karnataka, the Mauryas, Satavahanas and Chutus were not natives of the region and the nucleus of power resided outside present day Karnataka. The Kadambas were the first indigenous dynasty to use Kannada, the language of the soil at an administrative level. In the history of Karnataka, this era serves as a broad based historical starting point in the study of the development of region as an enduring geo-political entity and Kannada as an important regional language.

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