एन एफ एल प्लेऑफ, 2007-08

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The National Football League playoffs for the 2007 का एन एफ एल सीज़न will lead up to Super Bowl XLII, which will be played at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, एरिज़ोना on 3 फरवरी 2008. The conference playoffs are scheduled to run from 5 जनवरी to 20 जनवरी, 2008.

वरीयता[संपादित करें]

In each conference, the division winners qualify for the playoffs, and are guaranteed the top four seeds (based on win/loss record; the first two tiebreakers are head-to-head results and conference record).[1][2] The fifth and sixth seeds are given to the top two teams among the remaining teams in each conference, regardless of division.

प्लेऑफ वरीयता
वरीयता AFC NFC
1 न्यू इंग्लैंड पेट्रियट्स (ईस्ट विजेता) Dallas Cowboys (ईस्ट विजेता)
2 इंडियानाअपोलिस कोल्टस (साउथ विजेता) Green Bay Packers (North विजेता)
3 San Diego Chargers (West विजेता) Seattle Seahawks (West विजेता)
4 पिट्सबर्ग स्टीलर्स (North विजेता) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (साउथ विजेता)
5 जैकसनविल जगुआरस न्यू यॉर्क Giants
6 टेनेसी टाइटन्स Washington Redskins

Schedule[संपादित करें]

All Times U.S. EST (UTC-5).

Wild Card Round[संपादित करें]

Divisional Playoffs[संपादित करें]

In addition to the above announcers, FOX will have Kenny Albert (play-by-play), Darryl Johnston (color commentator) and Tony Siragusa (field reporter) for one playoff game, while CBS will have Greg Gumbel (play-by-play) and Dan Dierdorf (color commentator) for one playoff game.

Byes to Divisional Playoffs: New England, Dallas, भारतnapolis, Green Bay.

  • शनिवार, 12 जनवरी
    • एन एफ सी Divisional Game, at Green Bay, opponent to be determined, Fox, 4:30 p.m.[3]
    • ए एफ सी Divisional Game, at New England, opponent to be determined, CBS, 8 p.m.[3]
  • रविवार, 13 जनवरी
    • ए एफ सी Divisional Game, at Indianapolis, opponent to be determined, CBS, 1 p.m.[3]
    • एन एफ सी Divisional Game, at Dallas, opponent to be determined, Fox, 4:30 p.m.[3]

Conference Championships[संपादित करें]

Super Bowl XLII[संपादित करें]

Bracket[संपादित करें]


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