साँचा:The Working Man's Barnstar

मुक्त ज्ञानकोश विकिपीडिया से
कार्यशील विकिपीडियन बार्नस्टार
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This template is used to give out the Working Man's Barnstar on the English-language Wikipedia. Due to recent protests by a number of Wikipedians that the award should be gender neutral, an extra option is now available to allow users to specify a gender for the recipient of the award.

Usage[संपादित करें]

{{subst:The Working Man's Barnstar|message ~~~~|gender}}

For the gender option, there are three optional paramaters:

m = पुरुष सदस्य
w = महिला सदस्य
n = विकिपीडियन

If none of these parameters are supplied, or no parameter is present, Wikipedian's is the default.

Examples[संपादित करें]

In the following examples, the four tildes (~~~~) have be left unwikified in order to properly display the output of this template.

Example 1[संपादित करें]

{{subst:The Working Man's Barnstar|message ~~~~|m}}


कार्यशील पुरुष सदस्य बार्नस्टार
message ~~~~

Example 2[संपादित करें]

{{subst:The Working Man's Barnstar|message ~~~~|w}}


कार्यशील महिला सदस्य बार्नस्टार
message ~~~~

Example 3[संपादित करें]

{{subst:The Working Man's Barnstar|message ~~~~|n}}


कार्यशील विकिपीडियन बार्नस्टार
message ~~~~

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