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Ancestral taxa
Unrecognized taxon (fix): Unicalcarida
Suborder: Apocrita  [Taxonomy; edit]

Making progress. If the table below looks correct, then the necessary taxonomic information for the target taxon exists.

Error: missing taxonomy template. Taxonomic information is missing for "Unicalcarida", given as the value of parent. Is "Unicalcarida" spelt correctly? Is it the scientific name, not the English name? If so, "Template:Taxonomy/Unicalcarida" needs to be created: create page.

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Parent: Unicalcarida [Taxonomy; edit]
Rank: subordo (displays as Suborder)
Link: Apocrita
Extinct: no
Always displayed: no
Taxonomic references: Sharkey et al (2011), Peters et al (2017)
Parent's taxonomic references: Template:Taxonomy/Unicalcarida