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Usage[संपादित करें]

Place this template on the Licensing section of image description pages of the following images:

Wikimedia Foundation logos. Please place:

{{Non-free Wikimedia logo|PartOfAWhole = no}}

Images or screenshots which contain a Wikimedia Foundation logo. Please place:

{{Non-free Wikimedia logo|PartOfAWhole = yes}}

Alternative template[संपादित करें]

Instead of using this template directly on images or screenshots of Wikipedia articles, you may consider using this template instead:

{{Wikipedia-screenshot | logo=yes}}

Syntax[संपादित करें]

{{Non-free Wikimedia logo [|PartOfAWhole = साँचा:(yes/no/something elseसाँचा:)]}}

  1. Character written in bold must be typed as shown
  2. Words written in italic are names of parameters. They must be replaced with appropriate letters
  3. Parameters enclosed in “[” and “]” are optional
Description of parameters
Parameter Description
PartOfAWhole (Optional) Specifies whether the Wikimedia Foundation is only part of an entire image or screenshot.

When set to yes (not capitalized), the template message informs the reader that the image he is looking at contains a Wikimedia Foundation logo.

When set to no (not capitalized), the template message informs the viewer that what he is looking at is entirely Wikimedia Foundation logo and no part of it is derived from anywhere else.

If something else is specified for this parameter, including but not limited to capitalized "Yes" or "No", this optional parameter will be ignored.