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Mss stands for Minute Second Sorting. It is intended for use in sortable tables of short-time events like solar eclipses, to ensure that columns of eclipse times will sort correctly.

Use[संपादित करें]

Just wrap each time in the relevant column with this template, for example {{mss|12|34}} . If this template is used, then it must be used on every row of the table.

Formatting[संपादित करें]

Times displayed by this template are right-aligned to ensure that minutes and seconds are neatly aligned within the column.

Possible workaround[संपादित करें]

Consider typing leading zeroes, so that all times are of the same length and format. This may be preferable if not many of the results require such leading zeroes, or if there is consensus that results should be presented with leading zeroes.

Limitation[संपादित करें]

This template does not allow for times in the hours range.

See also[संपादित करें]