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The LastEditedBy template generates a line containing the last editor of the page, a link to the diff for the edit, and the approximate amount of time since the edit (provided by Template:Time ago).

This template was adapted from {{db-meta}}.

Note: This template is a self-reference because it contains links to both the Wikipedia namespace and the User namespace, and therefore should not be used in articles. Typically this template will only be useful for maintenance purposes, as part of other templates such as underconstruction or the WP:AFD family.

Usage[संपादित करें]

  • {{LastEditedBy}}

The above line of text produces the following output:

To make the text smaller, the optional "small" parameter with a value of "yes" can be used, as in this example:

  • {{LastEditedBy|small=yes}}

Which produces the (smaller) output of:

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