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Interwikitmp-grpNN usage, Ver: Pass-2E, supercedes 9-12-2006 version.

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This is common 'Usage notes' for the Interwiki template linking and tracking system management templates. The purpose of the system is to promote interwiki editor efficiency by providing tool templates that have been developed and debugged on one sister project or another to the other English language sister's, and establish a commonality of such tools which enhance the productivity of the volunteer editor's of all such projects, including enhancing the effectiveness of 'visiting contributions' to another sister one does not usually contribute on, and furthering all such projects sponsored by the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF).

The individual sister projects link tagging templates are denoted XXXXtmp' where the prefix 'XXXX' indicates one of the mnemonic sister project names like 'Wiktionary', WikiBooks, WikiSpecies, Commons, and the like, and 'tmp' is short for template, or more correctly, 'template linking template'. These individual templates are grouped into an array for universal tagging in the above grouping templates, thus providing links to each for maintenance and version cross checking.

This page is usually included by the key templates of that system, namely one or more of {{Interwikitmp-grp}}, {{Interwikitmp-grp0}}, {{Interwikitmp-grp1}},..., {{Interwikitmp-grp6}}, etc., which differ in the autocategories they apply to the tool or utility templates they have been devised to tag, port from sister to sister, and manage between same.

The meaning and mapping of the numeric suffixes is delineated in Table I of {{Interwikitmp-grps see also}} which is normally separately included by one of the forgoing control templates. This brings it into display on those pages, so it is not visible herein, else multiple occurrences should occur in those.

'XXXXtmp' template notes
Once template scope and any name-conflicts are established, a more precise 'Interwikitmp-grpNN' template is chosen for the group as a whole on the basis of categorization. The Interwikitmp-grpNN template displays auto links to sister projects pages in it's separate elements.

When a circumstance occurs when a template has no purpose on a particular sub-group of sister projects (too narrow a scope, or just different missions of the particular sister), use the set of unsuffixed 'XXXXtmp' templates separately or in small groups to tag templates that do not have usefulness, purpose, nor representation on all sister's, but which occur non-the-less on few scattered sisters.

The 'XXXXtmp' templates do only one type of auto-categorizing to the local Category:Interwiki utility templates, which unless otherwise noted, all template tagging autocategorizes tagged templates into. (This is under reconsideration due to pro's and con's, another catchall category may be used instead, or as well, such as Category:Templates on all sister projects).

The 'XXXXtmp' array as a whole must be used in a manual tagging for such templates that have a name collision with an extant template on one or more sister projects. Examples: 'Tl'/'tl', 'S'/'s', 'W'/'w', 'C'/'c' and 'Cat' were all templates that could not be given universally consistent names. Work around names 'TL', 'W2', 'W2c', 'SP, and 'CAT' were established to provide the same function on the unaffected sister projects. Other measures are also in place for such exceptions; see Table II.

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Which Interwikitmp-grp is what[संपादित करें]

This template documentation is transcluded from Template:Interwikitmp-grps see also [edit].
TABLE I — Iterwikitmp-grp## applications guide

Interwikitmp-grp Page Suffix ##'s Designatinations versus key associated autocategorizations

Template:Interwikitmp-grp (edit talk links history) — Common template that does the display for most of the other templates below, AND the one to use to tag vanilla utilities with when in doubt.

Associated Autocategories:
   Category:Interwiki utility templates (edit talk links history)

Template:Interwikitmp-grp0 (edit talk links history) — This template is used to tag all the other templates that make up this interconnection system—those used to tag templates with interwiki scope. These are currently also tagged under Category:Interwiki utility templates pipesorted by '!' (exclaimation point). [depreciated method]
  • note: The various individual template tagging templates Metatmp, commontmp, ..., Wikiversitytmp also autocategorze in this manner.

Associated Autocategory:
   Category:Interwiki template-links-tagging templates.

Template:Interwikitmp-grp1 (edit talk links history) — Use to tag generic and special purpose templates that link externally
      as their primary service function.
Associated Autocategories:
   Category:Interwiki link templates (edit talk links history), Category:Interwiki templates on all sisterprojects (edit talk links history) and Category:Interwiki utility templates. (These templates for example.)

Template:Interwikitmp-grp2 (edit talk links history) — Utility templates which create internal links used for analysis, discussion and tracking other system elements (Categories, Templates, User pages, et al.) by service function on the local (some are inter-sister) project site. (Lts, TL, Tlx, Cl, Cc, Lcs, CAT, etc.)

Associated Autocategories:
   Category:Internal link templates (edit talk links history) and Category:Interwiki utility templates

Template:Interwikitmp-grp3 (edit talk links history) — Utility templates that do other tasks besides linking. Some of these are typing or display aids for use within tables, etc.

Associated Autocategories:
   Category:Miscellaneous templates (edit talk links history) and Category:Interwiki utility templates

   Takes a perameter 'cat=alternate name' to override default 'Miscellaneous' with whatever is passed. (normally a sub-category of Miscellaneous. A blank perameter 'cat=|' inhibits that category altogether.)

Template:Interwikitmp-grp4 (edit talk links history) — Combined '-1' and '-3' tagging of Miscellaneous class utility templates that also link externally.
Associated Autocategories:
   Additive by Interwikitmp-grp## suffixes per above key groups.

   Category:Interwiki link templates and Category:Miscellaneous templates
   Takes a perameter 'cat=alternate name' to override default 'Miscellaneous' with whatever is passed. (normally a sub-category of Miscellaneous. A blank perameter 'cat=|' inhibits that category altogether.)

Template:Interwikitmp-grp5 (edit talk links history) — Combined '-2' and '-3' Interwikitmp-grp## suffixes,

for tagging of 'Miscellaneous class' utility templates that also link internally.

Associated Autocategories:
   Additive by Interwikitmp-grp## suffixes per above key groups.

   Category:Internal link templates and Category:Miscellaneous templates
   Takes a perameter 'cat=alternate name' to override default 'Miscellaneous' with whatever is passed. (normally a sub-category of Miscellaneous. A blank perameter 'cat=|' inhibits that category altogether.)

   Note: This does not auto-categorize to 'Interwiki templates on all sisterprojects'.

Template:Interwikitmp-grp6 (edit talk links history) — Combined '-1' + '-2' + '-3' Interwikitmp-grp## suffixes, however rare in that possess linking both locally and interwiki; usually various category tagging templates (a series) with the commons, Wikipedia, or Metawiki back-linked articles fit this group.

Associated Autocategories:

Additive by Interwikitmp-grp## suffixes per above key groups.
  • (Such templates have both 'interwiki' and 'internal' (intra-wiki) links and map to both major link's categories.

Category:Interwiki link templates + Interwiki link templates + Category:Miscellaneous templates

  • However, tagging for Category:Miscellaneous templates should be local to enable maximum flexibility of the overall system. Such category tagging templates are NOT Miscellaneous.)

       Note: This does not auto-categorize to 'Interwiki templates on all sisterprojects'.
Interwikitmp-grp7 (provisional—not used)
Associated Autocategories: none, use not allocated.
Interwikitmp-grp8 (provisional—not used)
Associated Autocategories: none, use not allocated.
Interwikitmp-grp9 (provisional—not used)
Associated Autocategories: none, use not allocated.
Interwikitmp-grp10 (provisional—not used)
Associated Autocategories: none, use not allocated.

Exceptions table (Revised concept)[संपादित करें]

TABLE II - Exceptions handling... When a name is already used differently in a local sister project
Tag with {{Interwikitmp-grp exception}}— denotes and tags a This name in use conflict Exception— Thus this name is not available on all sister's for the same function as used for something else on another sister project.

:Autocategory: Category:Interwiki name difference other sister project


  1. It should not need said, but check to see how widely a 'deviant template' is used. If its use is slight, it may be easiest to 'cure the deviation' by substiuting another template name on the given sister project.
  2. Tag the generic (or 'common template', the one to be the most widespread as a name on most sister projects before porting it) with Template:Interwikitmp-grp exception (edit talk links history) which compliments the below template and autocategorizes, plus asserts a status message box.
  3. Consider whether the incompatible template makes a good utility for export to other sister projects
         (Some may exist as minor or essentially identical variations of other universal template names. If so, don't alias such. One is enough!)
  4. Other tagging in the 'common template' must be manual inserting the array in {{Interwikitmp-grp}} and changing the appropriate arguments for the chosen aliased name in the sister(s) linking template with the name collision.
  5. Tag with the common category/(ies) extant in {{Interwikitmp-grp}}, or other such case as fits best to the groupings delineated in TABLE I above.
  6. Procede as below on that sister which has the template deviation, and any others with incompatible templates.
On the flip-side:
In general
Use Template:Interwikitmp-grp ineligible (edit talk links history) to tag the local name exceptions.
Both the above exceptions templates take the 'work around' (साँचा:WD) name for self documentation of the साँचा:WD. That name should be provided the master template copy being aliased on the sister(s) with the name conflict in their normal template set.

Associated Autocategory:

Category:Interwiki templates varying on other sister projects, provided by the correct tagging.
The replacement template 'alias' (providing name-to-function mapping) must be universally available on all sister's, and tagged normally and copied to same with the appropriate Interwikitmp-grp##. If the Sister(s) with a template name conflict have that name as a useful general purpose utility or tool template, that name should also be aliased and distributed.
Examples of name remapping':
  1. e.g Tl-->TL, Cat-->CAT, etc., Using a case-of-name alternative.
  2. e.g. 'S'/'s' --> '{{SP}}', 'W'/'w' ---> '{{W2}}', etc., all examples of Suffix alternatives
  3. e.g. '{{C}}'/'c' --> '{{W2c}}', (the commons), a special case to maintain similar syntax with 'W2' for Wikipedia, and 'Wd' for Wiktionary (Wiki-Dictionary) and 'Wb' for Wikibooks, etc., all part of a family of user friendly utility templates that pipetrick and display nicely, yet allow an edit change of a one or two letter(s) to redirect the mnemonic link name to another sister project.
Any universal name 'alias' should either duplicate the original source template (preferred) or redirect to it on all sister's capable of having both name variations.