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परिचय का प्रतीक साँचा परिचय[देखें] [संपादन] [इतिहास] [पर्ज .]

Usage[संपादित करें]

Parameters Brief instructions
{{Infobox short story <!--See [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Novels]]-->
| name                 = 
| image                = <!-- include the [[file:]] and size -->
| caption              = 
| title_orig           = 
| translator           = 
| author               = 
| country              = 
| language             = 
| series               = 
| genre                = 
| published_in         = 
| publication_type     =
| publisher            = 
| media_type           = 
| pub_date             = 
| english_pub_date     = 
| preceded_by          = 
| followed_by          = 
| preceded_by_italics  = 
| followed_by_italics  = 

{title of work}
{image file}
{image caption}
{if title has been translated, title in original language}
{name of translator, if applicable}
{name of author}
{home country of author}
{original language of story}
{series the story is a part of, if applicable}
{genre the story falls into, see below}
{what the story was first released in, e.g. the name of the anthology, magazine, etc)
{how the story was first released, e.g. anthology, periodical, etc}
{name of publisher responsible for first edition}
{the media the story was first released in, e.g. hardback, paperback, magazine, newspaper, online}
{date of first release or publication}
{if applicable, date of first publication in English}
{if applicable, the name of the work preceding the story in a series}
{if applicable, the name of the work following the story in a series}
{if the preceding story requires an italic title (e.g. a novel)}
{if the following story requires an italic title (e.g. a novel)}

For genre, see List of literary genres. There are older deprecated aliases for parameters pub_date, published_in and english_pub_date called release_date, released_in and english_release_date.

Please do not make major changes to the infobox without proposing and discussing it on the talk page first.

Example[संपादित करें]

लेखक Isaac Asimov
देश United States
भाषा English
शृंखला Robot series
शैली Science fiction short story
प्रकाशन Astounding Science Fiction
प्रकाशन प्रकार Periodical
प्रकाशक Street & Smith
माध्यम प्रकार Print (Magazine, Hardback & Paperback)
प्रकाशन तिथि March 1942
पूर्ववर्ती "First Law"
परवर्ती "Reason"
{{Infobox short story 
| name             = Runaround
| author           = [[Isaac Asimov]]
| country          = United States 
| language         = English
| series           = [[Robot series (Asimov)|''Robot'' series]]
| genre            = [[Science fiction]] [[short story]]
| publication_type = [[Periodical]]
| published_in     = ''[[Astounding Science Fiction]]''
| publisher        = [[Street & Smith]]
| media_type       = Print (Magazine], Hardback & Paperback)
| pub_date         = March 1942
| preceded_by      = [[First Law]]
| followed_by      = [[Reason (Asimov)|Reason]]

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