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For more information, see the WikiProject Music/Music genres task force.

Usage[संपादित करें]

{{Infobox music genre
| name              = 
| color             = 
| bgcolor           = 
| stylistic_origins = 
| cultural_origins  = 
| instruments       = 
| derivatives       = 
| subgenres         = 
| subgenrelist      = 
| fusiongenres      = 
| regional_scenes   = 
| local_scenes      = 
| other_topics      = 
| footnotes         = 
| current_year      = <!-- set to "yes" for automatic link to "<current year> in <genre>" article; see template documentation for more info -->

Parameters[संपादित करें]

Colour used for the headings. See WikiProject Music/Music genres task force/Colours.
Colour used for the headings' backgrounds.
Article containing the complete list of subgenre
set to yes to include a link to the "2023 in <genre>" article at the bottom of the infobox. Link will update automatically for new years, once the "<new year> in <genre>" article has been written. (If no article has been written for the old year nor the new year, it will redlink the new year's article to encourage its creation.) If the link does not update, try purging the page. Has two optional further parameters:
The "2023 in <genre>" function assumes that the current page's title is the genre's name (i.e., if you use this on classical music, it will link to "2023 in classical music"). If that is not the case, use this parameter to specify the genre's name. The annual-update feature will work just the same.
This overrides the whole parameter, for if the desired article uses some unusual title formulation (e.g. "2010s in classical music"). If this parameter is used, the link will not update for new years.