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Usage[संपादित करें]

Skeleton[संपादित करें]

Commenced operation{{{commenced}}}
Ceased operation{{{ceased}}}
Service area{{{service_area}}}
Service type{{{service_type}}}
Daily ridership{{{ridership}}}
Annual ridership{{{annual ridership}}}
Fuel type{{{fuel_type}}}
मुख्य कार्यपालक{{{ceo}}}


{{Infobox bus company
| name             = 
| logo             = 
| logo_size        = 
| logo_alt         = 
| image            = 
| image_size       = 
| alt              = 
| image_caption    = 
| parent           = 
| स्थापना          = <!-- {{Start date|YYYY|MM|DD}} -->
| commenced        = 
| ceased           = 
| defunct          = 
| मुख्यालय     = 
| locale           = 
| service_area     = 
| service_type     = 
| alliance         = 
| routes           = 
| stops            = 
| destinations     = 
| hubs             = 
| stations         = 
| lounge           = 
| depots           = 
| fleet            = 
| ridership        = <!-- Daily ridership -->
| annual_ridership = 
| fuel_type        = 
| operator         = 
| ceo              = 
| leader_type      = 
| leader           = 
| website          = <!-- {{URL |example.com}} -->
| map              = 
| map_name         = 
| map_state        = <!-- show or collapsed -->

Description of fields[संपादित करें]

Parameter Description Example
name The name of the bus company. Harders Coaches
logo The logo of the bus company. Harders_coaches_logo.png
logo_size Size of the logo. 200px
logo_alt Alternative text for the logo A logo with a red bus in a blue circle
image Image of a bus in the company's fleet. Harders coaches bus 862 at Longleat.jpg
image_size Size of the above image. 280px
alt Alternative text for the image A red bus in a town centre
image_caption Caption for the image. Harders Bus at Longleat
parent Parent company of the operator. Centerbus
founded Year the company was founded, and if possible, who by. Use {{Start date}}. 1996 by Thomas Hardy.
commenced The date the company commenced operations.
ceased The date the company ceased operations.
defunct If the company is defunct or not. Use {{End date}} if a date is given No
headquarters The headquarters of the company, operational and registered office.
  • Operational:Harders Coaches Ltd, Bestentime Garage, Fleet Street, Longleat, England.
  • Registered office:Centerbus Ltd, 37 Wenlock Way, Leicester, Leicestershire, England.
locale The general area of operation. Longleat, Wiltshire, UK
service_area The counties in which it operates. Wiltshire, Somerset
service_type Service type:Bus or coach or express. Bus
alliance Group alliance with other companies. Route 19 shared with Stagecoach Wiltshire.
routes How many bus/coach routes are operated by them. 34
stops Major stops along routes. Use {{Flatlist}}.
  • Warminster bus station
  • Frome market place
destinations Major destinations on those routes. Use {{Flatlist}}.
  • Longleat
  • Horningsham
  • Warminster
  • Frome
hubs Places with lots of buses. Longleat.
stations Stations along the routes. Warminster Bus Station
lounge Lounges in the stations. N/A
depots Depots owned by the company. Use {{Flatlist}}.
  • Bestentime Garage
  • Fleet Street
  • Longleat
  • Wiltshire
fleet Buses in the fleet. Use {{Flatlist}}.
  • Optare Solo
  • Plaxton Centro
  • Plaxton Beaver
  • Enviro 400
ridership Daily ridership. 600 passengers per day approx.
annual_ridership Yearly ridership. 2000 passengers per year approx.
fuel_type The fuel type used in the buses. Diesel
operator The operator. Thomas C. Hardy Coaches, Ltd
ceo The CEO. Mr Thomas Hardy Jr.
leader_type Leader type. Operational manager.
leader The CEO. Mr Thomas Hardy Jr.
website The official website of the company. Use {{URL}}. {{URL|hardysbuseslongleat.com}}
map Image or RDT of a system map [[File:My_system_map.svg]]
map_name Name of map (default is "System Map") Map of XYZ Company
map_state whether the map is displayed or collapsed by default collapsed

Example[संपादित करें]

Bowers Coaches
A red bus pulled over at a bus stop
Bowers Bus at Hayfield
ParentCentrebus Group
स्थापना1952 (1952) by
Eric W. Bowers
Defunct2012 (2012) (merged with Trent Barton's Dove Holes & Buxton operations to form High Peak)
मुख्यालयOperational: Aspincroft Garage, Town End, Chapel-en-le-Frith, High Peak, Derbyshire
Registered Office: Centrebus, 37 Wenlock Way, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE4 9HU
Service area
Service typeBus
Fuel typeDiesel
OperatorEric W. Bowers Coaches Limited
{{Infobox bus company
| name            = Bowers Coaches
| image           = Bowers Bus L172EKG 62 at Hayfield.jpg
| image_size      = 280px
| alt             = A red bus pulled over at a bus stop
| image_caption   = Bowers Bus at Hayfield
| parent          = [[Centrebus|Centrebus Group]]
| founded         = {{Start date|1952}} by<br>Eric W. Bowers
| defunct         = {{End date|2012}} (merged with [[Trent Barton|Trent Barton's]] [[Dove Holes]] & [[Buxton]] operations to form [[High Peak (bus company)|High Peak]])
| headquarters    = '''Operational''': Aspincroft Garage, Town End, [[Chapel-en-le-Frith]], [[High Peak, Derbyshire|High Peak]], [[Derbyshire]]<br>'''[[Registered Office]]''': [[Centrebus]], 37 Wenlock Way, [[Leicester]], [[Leicestershire]], LE4 9HU
| locale          = {{Flatlist|
* [[North West England|North West]]
* [[East Midlands]]
| service_area    = {{Flatlist|
* [[Greater Manchester]]
* [[Derbyshire]]
* [[Cheshire East]]
| service_type    = [[Bus]]
| hubs            = {{Flatlist|
* [[Buxton]]
* [[Chapel-en-le-Frith]]
* [[Glossop]]
* [[Macclesfield]]
* [[New Mills]]
| fleet           = {{Flatlist|
* [[Optare Solo]]
* [[Plaxton Beaver]]
* [[Plaxton Centro]]
* [[Alexander Strider]]
| fuel_type       = [[diesel fuel|Diesel]]
| operator        = Eric W. Bowers Coaches Limited
| website         = {{URL|bowersbuses.com}}

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