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War faction infobox[संपादित करें]

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A war faction infobox may be used to summarize information about a particular faction participating in a war; it should not be used for regular military units and formations (which should use {{infobox military unit}} instead). The infobox should be added using the {{infobox war faction}} template, as shown below:

{{infobox war faction

Note: When using parameters, avoid the ambiguous abbreviation "N/A", and instead use "unknown" or "none". All subjective or qualitative judgements and numerical quantities or statistics must be cited to a reliable source (see WP:MILMOS#CITE).

  • name – the formal name of the faction.
  • native_name – the faction's name in their own language
  • native_name_lang – ISO 639-1 code e.g. "fr" for French. If more than one, use {{{2}}} for |native_name= instead
  • war – the war or wars in which the faction participated; for proper grammar, it may be necessary to insert "the" before the name.
  • imageoptional – an image representative of the faction. The image must be given in the form [[Image:Example.jpg|300px]]; in particular, the thumb attribute must not be selected.
  • captionoptional – the text to be placed below the image.
  • ideologyoptional – the ideology of the faction, if relevant.
  • active – the period during which the faction was active.
  • leaders – the leaders of the faction.
  • groupsoptional – the clans or tribes the faction includes, if relevant.
  • headquartersoptional – the headquarters of the faction.
  • areaoptional – the area in which the faction operated; a map may be included here, if one is available.
  • strengthoptional – the number of personnel comprising the faction.
  • partofoptional – the larger group of which the faction is a part, if any.
  • previousoptional – the previous identity of the faction, or the factions from which it emerged.
  • nextoptional – if the faction transformed into another one, the name of that faction.
  • alliesoptional – the faction's allies in the war.
  • opponentsoptional – the faction's opponents in the war.
  • battlesoptional – any notable battles or wars in which the unit participated. The decision of what constitutes a notable battle is left to the editors of the specific article.
  • urloptional – official website, if one exists, of the unit.