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Educational oversight
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The purpose of this template is to provide a quick at a glance demographics table on education pages for different countries.

Empty syntax[संपादित करें]

{{Infobox education
|country name          = 
|agency image          = 
|agency                = 
|leader titles         = 
|leader names          = 
|budget                = 
|funding per student   =
|budget year           = 
|primary languages     = 
|system type           = 
|established events    = 
|established dates     = 
|literacy year         = 
|literacy total        = 
|literacy men          = 
|literacy women        = 
|enroll total          = 
|enroll primary        = 
|enroll secondary      = 
|enroll post-secondary = 
|enrollment year       = 
|attain secondary      = 
|attain post-secondary = 
|attainment year       =
|footnotes             = 

Usage[संपादित करें]

Here is the breakdown of the different tags used:

country name - the name of the country in the article title
agency - the name of the educational oversight agency (i.e., Ministry of Education, etc.)
agency image - logo, seal, etc. of the oversight agency or other appropriate image, must use image wikimarkup (i.e., [[Image:agencyimagename.png|120px]]
leader titles - titles of education agency directors (i.e., Minister of Education or Deputy Minister of Education)
leader names - names of the directors of the education agency
budget - budget for education, or education agency
funding per student - education spending per student
budget year - year of budget quoted
primary languages - what language(s) is/are schools taught in
system type - some countries have a federal (where provinces control education) or a nationalized system (obviously variations exist)
established events - establishment of educational system, any event important to the educational system
established dates - dates of events
literacy year - year of literacy estimate; formerly rank of literacy, currently unavailable on Wikipedia
literacy total - total population literacy rate
literacy men - total male population literacy rate
literacy women - total female population literacy rate
enroll total - total number of students enrolled
enroll primary - number of primary students enrolled
enroll secondary - number of secondary students enrolled
enroll post-secondary - number of students enrolled at the college or graduate levels (sometimes known as tertiary education)
enrollment date - Year of enrollment data.
attain secondary - percent of population who have graduated from secondary school (or high school)
attain post-secondary - percent of population who have graduated from post-secondary school (collge, university, graduate, etc.)
attainment year - Year of attainment data.

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