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परिचय का प्रतीक साँचा परिचय[देखें] [संपादन] [इतिहास] [पर्ज .]

Usage[संपादित करें]

Basic usage



Custom size


Parameters[संपादित करें]

  • 1 or class - the icon code. See the table below for a list of available codes.
  • size - a custom icon size, e.g. "30px". The default size is "16x16px" (16 by 16 pixels).

Icon codes[संपादित करें]

Icon Description Code Aliases
A-Class article A-Class article {{icon|a}}
Audited article of limited subject matter Audited article of limited subject matter {{icon|aa}}
A-Class article candidate A-Class article candidate {{icon|acc}} aac, acn
B-Class article B-Class article {{icon|b}}
Wikipedia book {{icon|book}}
Bplus-Class article Bplus-Class article {{icon|bplus}} b+
B-Class review {{icon|br}} bcr
C-Class article C-Class article {{icon|c}}
श्रेणी पृष्ठ Category {{icon|category}} cat, categ
Cleanup work {{icon|cleanup}}
Commons page {{icon|commons}}
Demoted article Demoted article {{icon|da}}
Demoted A-Class article Demoted A-Class article {{icon|dac}} daa
Demoted good article Delisted good article {{icon|dga}}
Disambiguation page {{icon|disambiguation}} dab, disamb, disambig
Did You Know? article Did You Know? {{icon|dyk}}
Did You Know? article, alternative icon Did You Know? {{icon|dyk2}}
Essay {{icon|essay}}
निर्वाचित लेख Featured article {{icon|fa}}
Featured article candidate Featured article candidate {{icon|fac}} fan
Featured article reassessment Featured article review {{icon|far}}
Featured article removal candidate {{icon|farc}}
Former featured article {{icon|ffa}} dfa
Failed featured article candidate {{icon|ffac}} nofa
Former featured list {{icon|ffl}} dfl
Failed featured list candidate {{icon|fflc}} nofl
Former featured picture Former featured picture {{icon|ffp}}
Former featured portal {{icon|ffpo}}
Former featured sound {{icon|ffs}}
Former featured topic {{icon|fft}} dft
Failed good article nominee {{icon|fgan}} gaf, gf, noga
निर्वाचित सूची Featured list {{icon|fl}}
Featured list candidate Featured list candidate {{icon|flc}} fln
Featured list removal candidate {{icon|flrc}} flr
Four Award {{icon|four}}
Featured picture Featured picture {{icon|fp}}
Featured picture candidate {{icon|fpc}} fpn
Before the featured portal process ceased in 2017, this had been designated as a featured portal. {{icon|fpo}}
Featured portal candidate {{icon|fpoc}}
Featured portal review {{icon|fpor}}
Featured sound {{icon|fs}}
Featured sound candidate {{icon|fsc}}
Featured topic Featured topic {{icon|ft}}
Featured topic candidate Featured topic candidate {{icon|ftc}} ftn
Featured topic removal candidate {{icon|ftrc}}
Good article Good article {{icon|ga}}
Good article, 2nd opinion Good article, 2nd opinion {{icon|ga2}}
Good article on hold Good article on hold {{icon|gah}}
Good article candidate Good article nominee {{icon|gan}} gac
Good article reassessment Good article reassessment {{icon|gar}}
Guild of Copy Editors {{icon|goce}}
Good topic Good topic {{icon|gt}}
Good topic candidate Good topic candidate {{icon|gtc}} gtn
Good topic removal candidate {{icon|gtrc}}
फ़ाइल पृष्ठ File {{icon|image}} file
In The News {{icon|itn}}
List-Class article List-Class article {{icon|list}} comparison
Meta-wiki page {{icon|meta}}
Million Award {{icon|million}}
Module {{icon|module}}
Non-article page Non-article page {{icon|na}}
Needed article {{icon|needed}}
Unknown-Class article Unknown-Class article {{icon|no}}
Failed A-Class article candidate Failed A-Class article candidate {{icon|noac}} faac
On This Day {{icon|otd}}
Outline {{icon|outline}}
Portal {{icon|portal}}
Portal peer review {{icon|ppr}}
Peer reviewed Peer review {{icon|pr}}
विकिपीडिया पृष्ठ Project page {{icon|project}}
Question {{icon|q}} question
Quality image on Wikimedia Commons {{icon|qi}}
पुनर्निर्देश पृष्ठ Redirect {{icon|redirect}} red, redir
Start-Class article Start-Class article {{icon|start}}
आधार लेख Stub-Class article {{icon|stub}}
साँचा पृष्ठ Template {{icon|template}} temp, templ
Today's Featured Article {{icon|tfa}}
Today's Featured List {{icon|tfl}}
Valued image on Wikimedia Commons {{icon|vi}}
Vital article {{icon|vital}}
Valued picture {{icon|vp}}
Valued picture candidate {{icon|vpc}}
Wikibooks page {{icon|wikibooks}}
Wikidata page {{icon|wikidata}}
Wikinews page {{icon|wikinews}}
Wikipedia page {{icon|wikipedia}}
WikiProject {{icon|wikiproject}}
Wikiquote page {{icon|wikiquote}}
Wikisource page {{icon|wikisource}}
Wikispecies page {{icon|wikispecies}}
Wikiversity page {{icon|wikiversity}}
Wikivoyage page {{icon|wikivoyage}}
Wiktionary page {{icon|wiktionary}}

See also[संपादित करें]

साँचा:Wikipedia templates

TemplateData[संपादित करें]

This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools; see the monthly parameter usage report for this template.

TemplateData for Icon

This template creates an inline icon-sized image. Please refer to 'Template:Icon/doc' for the list of supported values.

साँचे के पैरामीटर्स[साँचा डेटा सम्पादित करें]

Icon1 class

The identifier or name of the icon to be displayed.


The size of the icon to display, e.g. "30px".