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What it looks like[संपादित करें]

Ambox warning blue.svg

In my opinion, this article either does not verifiably satisfy the Notability criteria for one of the following guidelines for inclusion on Wikipedia: Academics, Biographies, Organizations and companies, Fiction, Music, Films, Web content, or it may violate the Conflict of interest guideline, or perhaps it is a Copyright violation.

Wikipedia articles must be based on reliable sources to verify any claims of notability. Even though the lack of third-party sources in an article is not grounds for deletion in itself, an article with absolutely no sources (or only external links to unreliable ones, or self-published sources) suggests to some editors that multiple independent reliable sources may not, in fact, exist.

Although I am considering tagging this article for deletion according to the Deletion policy, I am nonetheless willing to assist User:EditorName (वार्ता योगदान), and other recent contributors to this article, to make some constructive improvements to it … I do not have time to examine this article in depth at the moment, and it may improve over time, in which case this warning was premature.

Please respond on this Discussion page, instead of on my Talk page, in order to avoid fragmenting the conversation.

To better understand why I have used this template, please read Flag templates for deletion warnings … I realize that some of the expressed possible concerns may not be appropriate in this case.

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