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This is the {{editnotice talkpagename}} meta-template.

It returns the full pagename for the talkpage of the editnotice for the current page.

Note that this template doesn't produce the editnotice pagename for talk pages, instead it produces the talkpage name of the editnotice.

If you need the editnotice pagename itself, then use {{editnotice pagename}} instead.

Note that the main editnotices for a user page and a user talk page do not have a talk page, so it will not work there.

Usage[संपादित करें]

This template takes no parameters and automatically outputs a proper formatted editnotice talkpage address. Like this:

{{editnotice talkpagename}}

Which outputs the talkpage name of the editnotice for this page itself:

साँचा वार्ता:Editnotices/Page/साँचा:Editnotice talkpagename

This can for instance be used to produce a link to the talkpage of the editnotice for the current page. Like this:

[[{{editnotice talkpagename}}]]
साँचा वार्ता:Editnotices/Page/साँचा:Editnotice talkpagename

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