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text पैरामीटर खाली है

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This template creates an area with the visual appearance of a button. This area can be placed inside a wikilink to give the link the appearance of a button, and expand its clickable size and tap target.

There are two editable parameters. The first one, an unnamed one, sets the text inside the area.



The other one, named "color", allows you to change the color of the area. You can select between three colors: white (default), blue and red.

To change the color of the area, you have to add the color parameter followed by the color name, like this: {{clickable button|Text|color=blue}}.


Notes[संपादित करें]

  1. After the changes outlined in Phabricator task T110555 were implemented, {{Clickable button|color=green}} produces the same output as {{Clickable button|color=blue}}.