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{{Cite episode}} is for citing television or radio programs and episodes. The only required field is title. While it is principally designed and documented for serial, episodic broadcasts, an example is provided below of adaptation to a sporting event broadcast.

Usage[संपादित करें]

All fields must be in lowercase. The only required field is "title". Copy a blank version to use:

Horizontal format

Full version (copy and paste text below and delete parameters you don't need)
{{Cite episode |title= |episodelink= |url= |accessdate= |series= |serieslink= |credits= |network= |station= |city= |airdate= |began= |ended= |season= |seriesno= |number= |minutes= |time= |transcript= |transcripturl= |quote= |language=}}
Common fields
{{Cite episode |title= |episodelink= |series= |serieslink= |credits= |network= |station= |airdate= |season= |seriesno= |number= |minutes= |quote= |language=}}

Vertical format

{{Cite episode
 | title = 
 | episodelink = 
 | url = 
 | accessdate = 
 | series = 
 | serieslink = 
 | credits = 
 | network = 
 | station = 
 | city = 
 | airdate = 
 | began = 
 | ended = 
 | season = 
 | seriesno = 
 | number = 
 | minutes = 
 | time = 
 | transcript = 
 | transcripturl = 
 | quote = 
 | language = 

Fields[संपादित करें]

Wikilinks[संपादित करें]

Most fields can be wikilinked (i.e. network = [[network article|network name]]), but should generally only be linked to an existing Wikipedia article. Any wikilinked field must not contain any brackets apart from normal round brackets () — don't use <>[]{}.

Parameters[संपादित करें]

Description[संपादित करें]

  • title: The title of the program or episode being cited.
    • episodelink: The title of a Wikipedia article about this episode. Do not link this yourself, it will be linked by the template. Remember that you can use section names here if the only relevant material in Wikipedia is a section of a larger article such as an episode list.
    • url: May be used to provide an external link if no article exists in Wikipedia.
    • accessdate: Full date when url was accessed. Should be used when url field is used. Should be in the same format as other dates in citations in the same article. Must not be wikilinked.
  • series: The name of the series the episode belongs to.
    • serieslink: The title of a Wikipedia article about the series. As with episodelink, do not link this yourself. If the citation is being used in the article about the series itself, this call is not necessary and will in fact create improper formatting.
  • credits: Writers, directors, performers, producers, etc.
  • writers: Deprecated, do not use. The scriptwriter(s), appends after credits.
  • network: The network the episode was aired on. (ex. ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Disney, USA Network)
    • station: Call letters of the local station (if any).
    • city: City of the local station (if any) or network.
  • airdate: Full date the program or episode aired.
    • OR began: Full date the first part of the program or episode aired.
    • AND ended: Full date the last part of the program or episode aired.
  • season, number: Many episodic shows are identified by separate season and episode numbers. Alternately, some shows prefer the format of a single episode number that includes the season within it; this format can be used by omitting the season field. Can only be used if the seriesno attribute is blank.
  • seriesno, number: Alternative parameter for British shows where each year's run is typically referred to as a series and not a season. Can only be used if the season attribute is blank.
  • minutes: Used when there is a need for citing a specific event that happens at a particular time within the episode. Roughly analogous to page number. Results in "<minutes> minutes in" being displayed in the citation. If both |time= and |minutes= are used, "<minutes> minutes in. Event occurs at