मुक्त ज्ञानकोश विकिपीडिया से

ग्लोबल सिस्टम[संपादित करें]

Service Map Satellite Other
गूगल मैप्स Map Labeled satellite Terrain
याहू! मैप्स Map Labeled satellite
लाइव खोज नक्शे Map Labeled aerial Bird's Eye
TerraServer Satellite
MapQuest Map
एमएसएन नक्शे Map
WikiMapia Map Labeled satellite Terrain
OpenStreetMap Map Cycle
Ask.com Map
Map24 Map
Flash Earth Satellite
ACME Mapper Map Labeled satellite Terrain
GPS Visualizer Map Labeled satellite Terrain
GeaBios Satellite
GlobeXplorer Satellite
Blue Marble Navigator Satellite
GeoNames Labeled satellite
Fourmilab Satellite
Norkart Virtual Globe Satellite
MapTech Map
USMapServer Map
Geody Links
MultiMap Map
NaviTraveler Map
Degree Confluence Project Info
Shaded Relief Map
PlanetEye Photos
ExploreOurPla.net Daily


External mapping software[संपादित करें]

Systems with Wikipedia data[संपादित करें]

  • Show table of coordinates from articles on places max. 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, or 250 km away (English Wikipedia, Wikipedia-World).

Other systems with wiki aspects[संपादित करें]

OpenStreetMap Map Osmarender Mapnik more...
Wikimedia Commons layer Overlay
WikiMapia Find this location
Flickr map MapShow rail in gray
PlanetEye Nearby photos
VirtualGlobetrotting maps Nearby photos
Wiki editable and socially taggable description.
Panoramio Find
Geocaching.com Near by locations
Loc.alize.us Find
GlobalGuide.org View land use
Liftershalte.info Open Street Map

Near realtime satellite maps[संपादित करें]

GIS-related maps[संपादित करें]

North America[संपादित करें]

Canada[संपादित करें]

Service Map Satellite Other
Sympatico / MSN Maps Map
GPS Visualizer Topo
TopoQuest Topo

United States[संपादित करें]

Service Map Satellite Other
MSN Maps USA Map
Trails.com Topo
TerraServer-USA Satellite Topo
MapQuest Map Labeled satellite
TopoQuest Topo
US Census Map
National Weather Service Weather
GPS Visualizer Topo

Europe A-M[संपादित करें]

Austria[संपादित करें]

Service Map
MSN Karten Österreich Map

Bulgaria[संपादित करें]

Service Map Satellite
eMaps.bg Map
360.bg Satellite

Czech Republic[संपादित करें]

Service Map Satellite Other
Mapy.cz Map Labeled satellite Historical
Atlas.cz Map
Supermapy.cz Map

Denmark[संपादित करें]

Service Map
Findvej.dk Map
Findvej.dk with Wikipedia Map
Eniro Map

Finland[संपादित करें]

Service Map Other
National Land Survey of Finland MapSite Map
Eniro Map Oblique
Espoo Map
eKarjala Map
Helsinki Map
Hämeenlinna Map
Jyväskylä Map
Kokkola Map
Kotka Map
Kouvola Map
Kuopio Map
Lahti Map
Lappeenranta Map
Oulu Map
Pohjois-Karjala Map
Pori Map
Rauma Map
Rovaniemi Map
Tampere Map
Turku Map
Vaasa Map

France[संपादित करें]

Service Map Satellite
MSN Cartes France Map

Germany[संपादित करें]

Service Map
GoYellow Map
MSN Karten Deutschland Map

Great Britain[संपादित करें]

Service Map
Ordnance Survey Get-a-map Map
UK Government's MAGIC tool Map
StreetMap Map
MSN Maps UK Map
Old OS maps Map
Electronic Local Government Information Network (Elgin) Map
MultiMap Map

{osgb36ref} on the British national grid reference system (note: this excludes Northern Ireland, which uses the Irish grid reference system)

Italy[संपादित करें]

Service Map
myMana Map
MSN Mappe Italia Map

Liechtenstein[संपादित करें]

Service Map
Swisstopo Map
map.search.ch Map
MySwitzerland.com Map
Mapplus/Tydac Map

Europe N-Z[संपादित करें]

Norway[संपादित करें]

Service Map Aerial Satellite
Gule Sider Map Aerial
Inatur Map
Norkart Virtual Globe Satellite

Poland[संपादित करें]

Service Map
Mapa Polski Targeo Map
Szukacz.pl Map
Zumi Map
Autopilot Map
Polish Railways Map Map

Russia[संपादित करें]

Service Map Satellite
Kosmosnimki Map Satellite

Slovakia[संपादित करें]

Service Map
Mapy.Atlas.sk Map
TuristickaMapa.sk Map

Slovenia[संपादित करें]

Service Map Satellite Other
Geopedia Map Satellite Terrain
GeaBios Map

Spain[संपादित करें]

Service Coverage Map
MSN Mapas España all Map
Vissir - ICC Catalonia Map

Switzerland[संपादित करें]

Service Cantons covered Map
Swisstopo all Map
map.search.ch all Map
MySwitzerland.com all Map
Mapplus/Tydac all Map
geoportal.ch St. Gallen, Appenzell Map
AGISviewer Kanton Aargau Aargau Map
GeoPortal Basel-Stadt Basel-City Map
geoView.BL Basel-Country Map
GéoPortail du Canton de Jura Jura Map
SITN Neuchâtel Map
GIS Schaffhausen Schaffhausen Map
GeoShop vs.geo Valais Map
ZugMap Zug Map
GIS-Zentrum Kanton Zürich Zurich Map

{ch1903easting} / {ch1903northing} on the Swiss Grid

Ukraine[संपादित करें]

Service Map Other
maps.vlasenko.net (soviet military topographic maps) Map Map + satellite image

Oceania[संपादित करें]

Australia[संपादित करें]

Service Map Other
Street-Directory.com.au Map
Geoscience Australia Topo
Multimap Map
Bonzle Digital Atlas Map Terrain Slice

Asia[संपादित करें]

China[संपादित करें]

Service Map
Google 地图 Map

India[संपादित करें]

Service Map Satellite
Yahoo! India Maps Map Labeled satellite

Japan[संपादित करें]

Service Map Satellite Other
Google Japan Map Labeled satellite
Geographical Survey Institute Topo
Mapion Map
MapFan Web Map
Yahoo! Japan Map
Goo Map
Its-mo Guide Map
Livedoor Map

South America[संपादित करें]

Brazil[संपादित करें]

Service Map
MSN Maps Brazil Map

International waters (XZ)[संपादित करें]

No specific resources added yet.

Other location-based information[संपादित करें]

Elevation[संपादित करें]

  • EarthTools.org Height Lookup — XML-formatted return with height in feet and meters for the requested coordinates.
  • US Geological Survey Elevation Query Web Service: results in feet, meters -- XML-formatted results listing elevation and dataset that provided result

Sunrise and sunset[संपादित करें]

Geocaching[संपादित करें]

Timezone[संपादित करें]

Geohash[संपादित करें]

Amateur radio[संपादित करें]

History[संपादित करें]

Photography[संपादित करें]

Geotagging metadata authoring tools[संपादित करें]

Markup[संपादित करें]

The following code is provided for use in the English Wikipedia, and others where supported.

The following HTML markup is provided for use in other websites - add closing slashes for XHTML if appropriate. Please use the relevant template (e.g. {{coord}}) or infobox to add coordinates to articles in Wikipedia.

The following code is provided for use in other Wikipedias. Please use the relevant template (e.g. {{coord}}) or infobox to add coordinates to articles in the English Wikipedia.

  1. Input format
  2. Display within article text or infobox
  3. Display in top corner of page
  4. Input format
  5. Display within article text or infobox
  6. Display in top corner of page