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Usage[संपादित करें]

This template is intended to be placed at the top of articles about living persons that don't have any sources, and therefore in need of immediate attention. If the article is not about a living subject, use {{Unreferenced}} instead.

This template also includes support for using the date parameter. Adding this parameter sorts the article into subcategories of Category:Unreferenced BLPs and out of the parent category, allowing the oldest problems to be identified and dealt with first.

This template additionally adds the article to Category:All unreferenced BLPs. This allows editors who keep an eye on biographies and BLP concerns to find articles in need of attention quickly.

Articles with this template are not automatically added to Category:Living people or Category:Possibly living people.

Listed below are the options for usage.

{{BLP unsourced}}
{{BLP unsourced|date=मई 2024}}

Historical bot parameter[संपादित करें]

An additional option, when the template was added by a bot, was the bot parameter:

{{BLP unsourced|date=मई 2024|bot=yes}}
The banner message then included additional wording to advise that the article was automatically assessed.

This however has been deprecated since any inaccurate tags should be removed regardless of source.

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