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This is very good step to promote remote obesevation Windows is ONE unified platform and Indic Support is uniform across the various versions of the OS. We need to distingush between e.g. WIndows98 which is still quite prevalent and does not support Indic directly (without Aksharamala and latest mdac-typ.exe) and Windows XP which has support for Indic.

श्री १७:१९, २४ अक्टूबर २००४ (UTC)

You are right.... I dont know much about windows anymore.... feel free to add any info about this and/or create subsections in windows section. Also we need a page that describes how to type in hindi, I can get the link to the keyboard map from indlinux. --स्पंदन (Spundun) १७:४२, २४ अक्टूबर २००४ (UTC)

Problem with particular skin[संपादित करें]

For some reason, I can see hindi characters quite fine when I use the MonoBook skin, but not with Cologne Blue. I assume that Cologne Blue requires a different font.. --Palnatoke १९:५९, १३ नवम्बर २००४ (UTC)

Whats your platform?(I mean mac,windows,linux? which version? which browser.. etc) स्पंदन (Spundun) ०४:०६, १७ नवम्बर २००४ (UTC)

jaruri kaam ko phale karo

overstrike[संपादित करें]

for some reason, when I look at the hindi wikipedia, the hindi comes out fine except all the links are in overstrike, that is there is a line through them. even links in english. why is this? happens in mozilla and firefox, i'm running linux.

Please tell us more about your platform information. Which distro, which version, mozilla/firefox version, is it pango enabled? the gnome and pango versions. --स्पंदन (Spundun) ०४:१०, १७ नवम्बर २००४ (UTC)

Fedora Core 3 =[संपादित करें]

Fedora (Linux) Core 3 does not come with the necessary fonts installed, nor is there any RPM repository with them. १०:२३, ३० नवम्बर २००४ (UTC)


fruits[संपादित करें]

Somnath[संपादित करें]

At the moment it seems I do not have Hindi font support (which I had previously, will have to reload once I am able to find my XP CD), so I will reply in English. Yes, I also hold the view that Rama Janma-Bhoomi, Krishna Janma-Bhoomi, Gyanvapi Mosque, Alai Mosque in Delhi, and other places where it can be reasonably inferred that they were places of Hindu worship, should be returned to Hindus. Though I think it would not be accomplished easily. I would not, however, say that we beat any enemy to get Somnath back. Aupmanyav, Aug. 19, 2006

please update the English interwiki link![संपादित करें]

The english interwiki link does not point to the correct page. Please update it to en:Help:Multilingual support (Indic). -- en:User:Torzsmokus १४:०६, १६ जनवरी २००८ (UTC)

कर दिया। धन्यवाद। - टैक्सवाला २०:०८, १६ जनवरी २००८ (UTC)

Please update Gentoo Linux section[संपादित करें]

The "inputting indic text" section for "Gentoo Linux" is somehow misleading. It makes people think that one must install scim, which is not true (see this thread on Gentoo forums: http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-p-4815578.html). The procedures described in the "GNOME" and "KDE" sections above apply to Gentoo as well. Please either remove the scim-section or add a "NOTE: If you're using GNOME or KDE, please see above (LINK to relevant section)". Thanks.

हिन्दी अनुवाद[संपादित करें]

इस लेख को हिन्दी में अनुवाद न करने की चेतावनी के बाद भी मैंने इसका अनुवाद कर ही दिया। आप सोच रहे होगें अगर हिन्दी ठीक से दिखाई ही नहीं दे रही हैं तो कोई उसे पढेंगा कैसे। इसके लिए इस लेख में हिन्दी पाठ्य के लिए पी.ए.जी. चित्रो का प्रयोग किया गया हैं। संजय खत्री ०१:३४, ७ मई २००८ (UTC)