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प्रिय अपेंगू, हिन्दी विकिपीडिया पर आपका स्वागत है!

निर्वाचित सूची उम्मीदवार का सिम्बल

विकिपीडिया एक मुक्त ज्ञानकोष है जो विश्वभर के योगदानकर्ताओं द्वारा लिखा जा रहा है।
कुछ भी लिखने से पहले कृपया सहायता के निम्नांकित पृष्ठों को ध्यान से पढ़ें:

किसी भी वार्ता/संवाद पृष्ठ, चौपाल या अन्य कहीं भी जहां सदस्यों के मध्य वार्ता होती है, पर अपना सन्देश छोड़ने के बाद अपना हस्ताक्षर अवश्य छोड़े। इसके लिए अपने सन्देश की समाप्ति पर --~~~~ लिख दें।

हम आशा करते है कि आपको विकिपीडिया से जुड़ने में आनन्द आएगा।
I hope you enjoy your time at the Hindi Wikipedia. - टैक्सवाला १६:१५, ७ मार्च २००७ (UTC)

wow[संपादित करें]

If you know devanagari, you're about as good as me, I speak a little bit of hindi, but my native language is Tamil. Please join Wikiproject China. By the way, can you add Chinese pronounciations to all provinces in श्रेणी:जनवादी गणराज्य चीन के प्रांत (Provinces of China) ? I have knowledge of many things China, but am not great with pronouncing or transliterating.राजा रामबात करो १७:४५, ९ मार्च २००७ (UTC)

Btw, your user name in hindi does not come out as "Apengu" rather it is pronounced (in current form) as "atengu".राजा रामबात करो १७:५१, ९ मार्च २००७ (UTC)
Welcome to the Hindi Wikipedia. Apengu would be transliterated अपेंगु or अपेन्गु. If you have any problem, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am an administrator.--वुल्फ़वार्ता १७:५५, ९ मार्च २००७ (UTC)
Actually, if it is pronounced with a long u at the end, it would be अपेंगू, if it was a is a short u, it is अपेंगु. But, to change your username, you could leave a message here. That page is Yann's talk page on the French Wikipedia, where he is most active. Yann is a Wikipedia bureaucrat, so he will be able to change your name.--वुल्फ़वार्ता १८:१३, ९ मार्च २००७ (UTC)

Abt Chinese wikipedia[संपादित करें]

First of all, welcome to Hindi wikipedia! I wanted to learn about the multiple script that is installed in Chinese wikipedia. I had requested them about how its done but there was no response. It can help Kashmiri wikipedia. Can you help me with this?--युकेश १८:२६, ९ मार्च २००७ (UTC)

Well I was talking about the switching system between Traditional and Simplified Chinese (I think you have expanded it to 5 script system now). I can see the Chinese script. Thank you.--युकेश १८:४५, ९ मार्च २००७ (UTC)
I want to learn who installed it in chinese so that I can install a similar system in Kashmiri wikipedia to switch between Devnagari and Arabic/Nastaleeq. (I hope I am not bothering you much!)--युकेश १९:००, ९ मार्च २००७ (UTC)
Thanks a lot!!!--युकेश १९:२२, ९ मार्च २००७ (UTC)

=[संपादित करें]

स्वागतम् अपेंगू। चीन महान और सुन्दर देश है। (Welcome! China is a great and beautiful country.) अरविन्दन् ०४:२८, १० मार्च २००७ (UTC)

जांग चिंग[संपादित करें]

This is a bio on Mao's wife I started and have been editing. If you see the page, I have been writing in english for right now, and adding references to spots. After the other hindi users translate, it will probably become featured. Since you are chinese, I'm hoping you have access to chinese and other sources that will be able to make the bio more detailed and longer. The code for references is Lastname, Firstname. <u>Title</u>. Publisher, year of publication. ISBN # राजा रामबात करो ०१:१०, ११ मार्च २००७ (UTC)

chinese provinces[संपादित करें]

Please stabilize your desired devanagari titles for the provinces before I start creating categories and expanding the number of chinese pages. Using निंग्स्या as an example, create pages on all the other provinces. The title for चिंग हई is stabilized and will not be moved, as Category:चिंग हई, myself and another user listened to an audio file and put the closest nagari equivalent. Also as a tip, try not to string three consonants in a row. I noticed you did that in in Heilong Jiang. Split the words up if you run across that. As you may know Hindi wikipedia has just reached over 10k articles and is now much more visible. It is imperative we create the infrastructure to handle more pages, and you even if your not a great hindi speaker (trust me, neither am I), doing a little bit will go a long way.राजा रामबात करो ००:५१, १५ मार्च २००७ (UTC)

complete[संपादित करें]

Using your list, I completed the rest of the provinces, all 21 of them (Pingyuan is not a province anymore, so we can wait to make that later). Next step wopuld be making a template , much like the one for the autonomous prefectures (svaayatt kshetr) of China. For prefectures, we are going to borrow the chinese word "dichU" and therefor autonomous prefecture is "svaayatt dichU".राजा रामबात करो ०१:०२, १७ मार्च २००७ (UTC)