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वास्तविक नाम: शुभांशु सिंह चौहान vegan[संपादित करें]

facebook ID vegan1983
Vegan Shubhanshu Singh Chauhan

जिसमे vegan एक उपनाम के समान है जो इनकी जीवनशैली को प्रदर्शित करता है। ये एक स्वतंत्र विचारक, साहित्य, विज्ञान गल्प लेखक तथा कवि हैं।

ये सोशल मीडिया platforms पर लोगों को ज्ञान-विज्ञान और जागरूकता के क्षेत्र में प्रोत्साहित करने का कार्य करते हैं। इनके करीब २० पेज फेसबुक पर अलग अलग विषयों पर प्रकाशित हैं।

जिनमें से "Shubhanshu - vegan/rational/atheist", "Shubhanshu Singh Chauhan" तथा "शुभाँषु जी - अधार्मिक/युक्तिवादी/लेखक/कवि/विश्लेषक/सनकी/वैज्ञानिक" व्यक्तिगत रूप से प्रमुख हैं।

From his Facebook Profile:

Hi I’m a nature lover and a vegan, feminist, anti contract marriage supporter, nudist supporter, and atheist. I believe in the power of Science & Technology and have the ambition of becoming one of the internationally reputed scientists/professors/Writer/Journalist. I’m a good dreamer, believe in the beauty of my dreams and work hard to achieve them. I’m not that intelligent but am a sincere and very confident person and believe in “Heartily & Honestly Hard Work can Evolutes any Life”. However, I like to make good friends and believe that friends earned in one's life are a treasure. I also like to mingle with like minded people in the society. I like to get involved in some social activities when I don’t do any science. I feel great pleasure when I help someone and make him/her happy. I believe “no one is perfect human being’. However, one can achieve perfection by developing good human values.

From his "your quote" account: https://www.yourquote.in/vegan1983

Vegan Shubhanshu Singh Chauhan[संपादित करें]

1. Vegan (from the age of 10)

2. Rationalist (from the age of 10)

3. Author (from the age of 6)

4. Poet (from the age of 6)

5. Naturist (from birth)

6. Feminist (from the age of 18)

7. Atheist (from the age of 8)

8. Non Religious (from the age of 10)

9. A good human (from the birth)

10. A rich bachelor (current, became by savings & smart money management)

11. Drawing Artist (from the age of 6)

12. Quoter (from the age of 15)

13. Introvert (from birth)

14. Pure (from birth)

15. Noble (from birth)

16. Idealist (from birth)

17. Mental Patient (people declared him)

18. Social Reformer (on Social Platforms)

19. Heart Breaker (hard to get)

20. Very Choosy (not every popular thing is good for him)

21. Over Confident (his bad)

22. Self Respected (people said it ego)

and many more labels are on the way...

If you ask him who he is? He will answer you, "Nothing".

One life, millions of stories! 😊 Jack of all things, master of all! 😀

His Website: http://www.solutionseveryday.zohosites.com