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The [[MARC standards|MARC Code]] for the Swedish Union Catalog is SE-LIBR, normalized: selibr.<ref name="LOC-MARC"/>
The development of LIBRIS can be traced to the mid-1960s.<ref name="Olsson"/> While rationalization of libraries had been an issue for two decades after World War II, it was in 1965 that a government committee published a report on the use of computers in research libraries.<ref>''Databehandling i forskningsbibliotek'' (1965; [http://libris.kb.se/bib/8210948 in LIBRIS]), cited in Olsson (1995), p. 51.</ref> The government budget of 1965 created a research library council (''Forskningsbiblioteksrådet'', FBR).<ref>Olsson (1995), p. 55.</ref> A preliminary design document, ''Biblioteksadministrativt Information System (BAIS)'' was published in May 1970, and the name LIBRIS, short for Library Information System, was used for a technical subcommittee that started on July 1, July 1970.<ref>Olsson (1995), p. 103.</ref> The newsletter ''LIBRIS-meddelanden'' ({{ISSN|0348-1891}}) has been published since 1972<ref>Olsson (1995), p. 31.</ref> and is online since 1997.<ref>[http://www.kb.se/libris/aktuellt/LIBRIS-meddelanden/ LIBRIS-meddelanden]</ref>
==External links==
* {{official website|http://libris.kb.se/|name=National Library of Sweden: LIBRIS}} (select "In English" from the top menu, default language is Swedish)
* [http://www.kb.se/libris/teknisk-information/Oppen-data/Open-Data/ Open Data], Information about LIBRIS bibliographic records and authority file as open data, April 3, April 2012.
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