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Online Industry Based Education, the Organization is sponsored by ...IGM Education Society for Under the Society act 1860. Magnum Technical Education Center of Engineers Online Industry Based Education is most contemporary noble concept to integrate the component of industry in to the Education. MTEC of Engineers educationis just not a formality of giving industry exposure to Students;rather it is a full-fledged industry experience to students with studies. MTEC of Engineers education enables students to obtain the basic and all functional knowledge of the industry in which they wished to work.The development skilled manpower through diversified courses to meet the requirements of mainly the unorganized sector to prepare for the world of work in general through a large number of self employment oriented courses

The purpose of every education is to obtain factual knowledge and

development study incapable of providing suitable employment and

knowledge to a student is fruitless. Our present educational system hardly contains industry component in it. In this competitive environment the different between education and industry is widening day by day. This creates difficulty for young alumnus to adjust themselves in industry sometime it look many years to transform them in through professionals. In the absence of proper guidance many students get distracted from the actual goals to proceed with their career. And choose unknowingly & un-purposely different profession from their basic qualification. This education to profession dropout

yield wastage of resources provide by private sector in addition to

the most significant year of study of a student’s life. Considering the field of engineering where nation is struggling with deficiency of engineering professionals. Why due to directionless efforts of present education system most of young engineering alumnus shift themselves to some other industry.

About Magnum Technical Education center of Engineers In order to expand the accessibility , inclusion and qualitative

improvement in the higher education through intellectual teaching for utilizing India’s human resources potential to its fullest and promote the causes of education with integration of industrial training . Work

to create excellent employment opportunities for the students. Magnum technical education center of engineers have resolved to conduct industry based education programmes. Magnum technical education center of engineers was created with a vision to all round development of MTEC of Engineers especially to educate people in industry environment. Magnum technical education center of engineers have an edge in fast emerging field of technical , vocational , management & skill based education. MTEC of Engineers is consistently putting efforts to provide solution

from elementary level. Thus becoming the leader in development of industry oriented quality education and training programme. All this give the MTECE an edge in the conduct of various course, designing new ones innovation and redesigning, keeping in the mind the changing industrial requirement. The Objective of programme the develop skilled manpower through diversified courses to meet the requirement of mainly the unorganized sector and to prepare for the world of work in general through a large number of self employment oriented courses . Not precluding wage employment of many courses.

MTEC of Engineers education is a unique model of education serving the country through basic and applied education development of innovating management practices and planed programme of academic & industrial training. Both the long-terms as well as the short terms courses are launched after an in depth survey and undergoing requirement analysis.

The courses fulfill following of the students.

1.To gain professional qualification

2.Industrial exposure

3.Improved efficiency

4.Enhancing knowledge through new technological information

5.Prepare student for industries

The activity includes MTEC of Engineers scheme short term training programmes (awareness

programmes/ corporate training programmes/ certificate/diploma

programmes). Long terms courses (Bachelor Degree Programmes, master degree programmes). Continuing education programmes. Training the

trainers programmes development of learning online education services.

MTEC of Engineers education forms an ideal bridge between the ever

changing world of education & training for capacity building.

Training & Education Methodology

It adopts a unique online learning approach with work consisting of

the following distinct stages


The curriculum of the industry based education is most contemporary

and innovatively designed and developed.


All the courseware supplied by Magnum technical education center of

engineers. MTEC of Engineers are being designed in order to cater the

need education in industrial environment. The courseware consist of

comprehensive study package specially design for online self learning.

Courseware is revised frequently so as to keep the student up to date.

For selected programmes the enrolled students will be receiving the

first set of the courseware from MTEC of Engineers.

Total duration of MTECE Education Programme

The total annual duration of industry based education programmes are

more than 1200 Hrs (40 credits) out of which a total of approximately

600 Hrs (not less than 27 credits) are assigned to theory and

practical classes and a total of approximately 300-700 Hrs (not less

than 10 credits and not more than 27 credits). Are assigned to

training/internship /work. Student can be earning these credits

through their own pace of learning and convenience of industry based

education. The industry based education programmes are in annual mode,

semester mode and follows credits system of education. Students are

required to earn minimum 40 credits for completing one year

certification under industry based education system.

MTECE Programmes offered under Industry Based Education System

1. ITI ( Industrial Training Institute)

Trade (Electrical, Mechanical, Fitter)

2.Diploma Engineering Courses

• Diploma in Civil Engineering

• Diploma in Architecture Engineering

• Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

• Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering

• Diploma in Information Technology Engineering

•Diploma in , Computer Sc. Engineering

•Diploma in Automobile Engineering

•Diploma in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

•Diploma in Chemical Engineering

3.Bachelor Degree Engineering Courses

4. B.Tech Degree Engineering Courses

• B.Tech in Civil Engineering

• B.Tech in Architecture Engineering

• B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

•B.Tech in Electrical & Electronics Engineering

• B.Tech in Information Technology Engineering

• B.Tech in , Computer Sc. Engineering

•B.Tech in Automobile Engineering

•B.Tech in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

• B.Tech in Chemical Engineering

Master Degree Programme

5. M.Tech Degree Engineering Courses

• M.Tech in Civil Engineering

• M.Tech in Architecture Engineering

• M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

• M.Tech in Electrical & Electronics Engineering

•M.Tech in Information Technology Engineering

•M.Tech in , Computer Sc. Engineering

•M.Tech in Automobile Engineering

•M.Tech in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

•M.Tech in Chemical Engineering


Benefit of MTECE Education Programme

• Gain exposure to real-world problems and issued that perhaps are not

found in the textbooks.

•Evaluate specific industries, companies and organization or specific

careers prior to committing with full-time employment. Consider

whether a particular career direction or industry is a good fit for


• Cultivate work habit social instincts, adaptability and creativity

in a dynamic world.

•Supply hands on opportunities to work with equipment and technology

that may not be available on MTECE

•Offer personal growth experiences and exposure to different career


•Increase self-confidence in a professional environment while

developing an expanded network of associates and professionals

•Have resume-building experience while applying academic concept and


•Increase marketability to employers.

•Develop great examples of your skill sets for future job interview

which facilitate a higher starting salary than non-items.

•Ease transition from being students to beginning a career.

•Provide opportunities to fund higher education.

. Have fun, feel a sense of accomplishment, see yourself as an

emerging professional.



Programme announcement & issued of application Forms 1st July 1st January

Registration form/re-registration form (along with full fee)

Last date of submission of form to MTECE 30th November 31st May

Examination Form/re-sitting form (along with experience provider

evaluation of applicant):

Last date of submission of form to MTECE 30th April 30th October

Last date of submission of form to MTECE with late fee 30th May 30th November Examination 3rd May 3rd Monday of Dec

Announcement of result after 45 days of

exams. After 45 days of exams.

The dates given above are tentative and subject to change depending on


Sonkh road vitthal Nagar

Mathura UP-281005 (India)

Mob. 9027316377