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HELP ME PLEASE[संपादित करें]

Thank You in advance for wanting to help me to prove the truth. How to explain the following facts:

1. Why is a global suspension proposed for the Siprage-Panorama.jpg image, which I have taken with my camera and uploaded to all the Wikipedies that have accepted it? 2. Why are deleted the scanned photos of mine, whose originals only I have? 3.The nontransparent und disputed criteria are illustrated by the example that the list of accepted images include only 3, images copied from other sources, as follows:

4.Why is not acceptable an image of scientific work published 125 years ago and its author died 122 years ago?
Note-1: I have about 1000 interesting photos about Bosnian rivers and mountains. I am also the only owner of two photographs (from 1943 and 1950), which are important for the history of Šiprage.
Note-2: For all allegations, I can send you copies of the original images I own, which someone takes in or ignores them! Yahadzija (वार्ता) 13:52, 9 जून 2017 (UTC)