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International physics exchange language is english and highest physician measurement datas proofing model calculations.

Inside nucleons with proof[संपादित करें]

""PHYSICS BREAKTHROUGH"" Easy proof for model works over calculation of no charge not eleptic neutron radius from mass difference to proton. (all needed in WP and eternal right) Inside neutron are only shells of electron positron rotator pairs and outer rotator is defining radius. After electron away and positron in center with normal before relativistic mass itvs a proton. 2 * relativistic mass-normal mass=mass difference and relativistic mass set into coulomb(+gravity) = centripetal force equation leads to radius fully right a little less than measured. Particle zoo just other rotator systems with different shell numbers, radius and spin. Strong force from el. magn. fields or outer posi-electrons rotating around multiple nucleons etc. kayuweboehm(at)yahoo.de