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Hi. I kindly recommend to use the Devanagari dravidian transcription Letters while transcribing dravidian words. It would be quite similar to the usage of IAST in the English Wikipedia. The Devanagari equivalents of the Unique Dravidian Phonemes as per the Unicode Encoding is as follows:

எ, ఎ, ಎ , എ (Short e) - ऎ,ॆ(Vowel Sign)
ஒ, ఒ, ಒ , ഒ (Short o) - ऒ,ॊ

ள,ళ,ಳ,ള (Retroflex l) - ळ
ழ,ഴ (Retroflex approximant) - ऴ
ற,ఱ,റ (Trill) - ऱ
ன (Alveolar n) - ऩ

Please do consider the above suggestion. विनोद १३:३३, २२ जनवरी २००८ (UTC)

Tell your comments at the Wiki Embassy विकिपीडिया वार्ता:दूतावासविनोद १४:२७, २२ जनवरी २००८ (UTC)